Aug 13

So, so tired.

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So beautiful, so energetic

Ivan and I were doing a yoga class for ‘new parents’ and the teacher mentioned something about this feeling of ‘needing to exercise more combined with extreme fatigue’. And I was like ‘YES!’ That is the feeling that I have been feeling so often since Mika was born. Of course I know that I should exercise, but the less sleep I get, the harder it gets. (Obviously).

So because I love lists, I have compiled a list of ways that I try to keep active, even when I am extremely exhausted pretty much every day:

I get passive exercise
It’s no secret that we don’t own a car. So we make the 2km round trip to the grocery store by foot. I ride my bike to yoga class. We hike up the big hill behind our house every day to go to the park.

I always get on my mat
Practicing yoga for me is about accepting where I am right now. If I get on my mat and realise that I am really exhausted, I can practice acceptance, I can practice some poses that help rejuvinate and invigorate me, or I can just lie in corpse pose for as long as I need.

I wear my workout gear
I’m probably the biggest fashion embarrassment ever BUT at least I feel good. Ha. If I intend to go for a run in the late afternoon when Ivan gets home from work, I find that it helps if I wear my workout clothes all day. This is ridiculous, I know, but it also means that I feel ready to chase mika, walk faster up the hill, stretch it out at the playground 😉 – passive exercise I’M READY FOR YOU!

I try to sleep well
Ha, OBVIOUSLY if I was childless this would be more under my control, but I am blessed with a beautiful daughter and so I spend many hours AWAKE when my body would probably rather be sleeping. However, to help me sleep well when I do get there, I keep a window open in our room, I don’t drink coffee after noon (heh…), and I am currently trying to avoid screen time after 930pm.

Any other tips or ideas on staying active/healthy when you are so so exhausted, are welcome!

  • Ingrid

    Sounds like you are doing a great job at staying active! I sometimes practice strengthening my core and standing on one foot whenever I’m waiting or standing around – the tree pose, without the hands up in the air, that would just look silly :)

  • Sam

    I enjoyed clicking though your website and I especially liked your music section! I myself have yet to get my drivers license partially out of laziness and the fact there is nowhere my bike can’t take me.