Sep 09

Yoga 01: One body, one mind.

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The world can be busy and full and overwhelming and it can be easy to lose sight of who I am. I can get caught up in work, in eating and drinking, in moving here and there, in rushing, in shopping, in driving. I can turn to autopilot and one day look in the mirror and wonder ‘who is that?’

To me, yoga is about turning off autopilot and opening my eyes. Yoga is a daily practice in saying ‘hello’ to myself. Yoga is a conversation, a relationship between my body and mind which is mediated or connected by my breath. Like all relationships, it practices understanding, honesty, love and forgiveness. One doesn’t try to control the other, it just lets it be, without judgement.

I practice asanas (or postures) on the mat to better understand my body and to allow my mind a chance to practice acceptance and love and sometimes a chance to rest. Off my mat, my mind can be overactive and I use my breath to connect it back to my body and find balance.

This practice is a lifelong journey. To me, yoga is about choosing to be awake, choosing to live fully, the best I can and in each moment and continuing to breathe. Because as long as I am breathing, there can always be yoga.

  • Adele Barlow

    Love. Excited for you! Tried calling earlier – speak tomo or later this week xx