May 13

Mixed Tape Monday

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I need to tell you this now, before Monday arrives.

I have started a new section on the blog called ‘Mixed Tape Monday’.

Do you ever wish that you could effortlessly discover new music? I do. I love love love it when I find a song or a new band or singer that I adore but I liken it to finding new books or authors: It can get hard to keep finding new amazing ones and I rely heavily on recommendations from friends who share similar taste to me.

So mainly to help myself discover new music and to remember oldies but goodies – I have created this new feature on the blog. Every Monday, a person who I think is capable of suggesting quality music will put together a mixed tape of up to 16 songs for us to enjoy for the week. I will also link to a playlist of each tape so you can listen from the comfort of your workplace or home all day long.

Yahoooo! I’m excited for Monday :)

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    it’s monday! its monday!