May 22

Mixed Tape Monday #2 – Tess

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Meet Tess, best friend to us and fairy godmother to our beautiful baby girl. She is musically talented to the moon and back and she always knows a good tune before it hits the radio and becomes mainstream. If Tess likes it, then I’m bound to like it too – so I’m excited for her mixed tape. Here it is!

(And here she is with her favourite man of all time, Patrick Watson. Instant cred right?)

[Here’s the link to Tess’s Tape. It will open in another window so you can listen to it whilst you continue reading]

Ok. Wow, I got a total burst of songs, keeping it to 16 was super duper hard! and i didn’t do anything about putting them in order or themeing them or anything, I just was thinking what songs/bands could i not go without right now and this is what i came up with:

1. Miss li, Stupid Girl
Caberet Folk Pop. I love how modern music is a mix of lots of different styles. Miss li is a sweedish chick and her voice is wonderful. Also the lyrics were probably written about me, she just doesnt know it. 😛

2. Allen Tousant, Tipitania and Me
A glorious Louisianna jazz piano piece that you would try to dream of if it didn’t exist already.

3. Radical Face, Homesick
I dont actually know much about this band.

4. Matthew Santos, Break Free
Remember that song by Lupe Fiasco called Fighters? Well this is the guy who does the chorus. His name is Matthew Santos, and i really like his voice.

5. Neutral Milk Hotel, In an aeroplane over the sea
The 90’s was an awesome time for music, and this is one of my all time favourite love songs. It also happens to be from the 90’s.

6. Tom Waits, Jockey Full of Bourbon
The opening song for Down By Law. which is a great movie. I like Tom Waits. Lots.

7. Patrick Watson, Drifters
It was super hard for me to choose a song from Patrick (my alternate universe husband) cos I like all of them. He harks from Montreal.

8. Andrew Bird and Priscilla Ahn, Meet me here at Dawn
This song is by Cass Mccombs origiannly, but these guys sing it wonderfully. and I love the bit at the end of the video where the guy is all “The ambiance in that was incredible!” made me laugh out loud.

9. Leif Vollebekk, Don’t Go To Klaksvik
I dont know what it is about this guys voice, but i really like it. It’s from his debut album Inland (which I dont actually have). And he’s from Quebec somewhere too.

10. Jean LeLoup, I Lost My Baby
I had to add a French song in there, and this one makes me smile. Jean Leloup is a rocker (also from Montreal) and this song reminds me of living there big time.

11. Cass McCombs, Dreams Come True Girl
It seems really 50’s 60’s early rock and roll inspired. and I cant help but sing along. 😛

12. M. Ward, Poor Boy, Minor Key
M ward is amazing.

13. Broken Bells, The High Road
Produced by Danger Mouse with the lead guy from The Shins This was bound to be an album i would love. Also side note! Danger Mouse has this new project coming out this month called Rome which sounds super rad, with Jack White and norah jones and a spagetti western theme!

14. Okkerville River, Lost Coastlines
You know when a song takes you to a place and time? Well this song takes me to every single wonderful place and time i have ever been in all in one instant. It’s also got a perfect tempo for strutting down the road to.

15. Scout Niblett, Kiss
I love this lady, her early stuff is SUPER loud rock shoutey stuff…. then this album (this fool can die now) is like bliss, with elements of that original stuff. Nice way to slip Bonnie “Prince” Billy in here too, he is the male voice and i love his bearded face.

16. Gillian Welsch and Old Crow Medicine Show, The Weight
Because i dont think i could live with out either of these guys and i could fit them both into one song. How much I would kill to have been there for this show!

Thanks Tess!

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  • Pamela

    I heart Cass McCombs since you left him on my computer last month :)
    And Miss Li! So much fun. Yayayayah xxx

  • braden

    mmm new music :) downloading will commence when i get back from squatch… you guys should be here.

  • Tess

    braden, i think sasquatches that i am not at, are sasquatches you can not talk about.