Jul 24

Mixed Tape Monday #8 – Helen

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Dear Helen,

You are so beautiful and your tunes filled my morning with delight. I love Black Water also, I don’t find it too depressing. Erase Me is a fun morning car song. Thank you so much for bringing these tunes to our week.

Love Pamela, Ivan and Mika.

Dear Pamela,

I have so loved seeing all the cool music that people have posted on this blog. It’s exciting.

I was so close to putting rap and drum and base all throughout my playlist just so people didn’t get too blue listening to it but restrained myself (somewhat) so that we have excellent fodder for the next round of playlists.

Here are a selected few songs that make me grin on the inside.

1. Talihina Sky – Kings of Leon

I thrashed this Kings of Leon album in 2006 quite severely. It’s easy to picture a group of mates getting stoned over some train tracks in the southern states on a sunny day. Love it. Makes me want to go to America.

2. Ship Out on the Sea – The Be Good Tanyas

A little bit of country music. Haha, or a lot! This Chinatown album is amazing (if you like what’s going on in this song, that is.) My flatmate and I have had this song in our heads for weeks. The Be Good Tanyas do a really neat cover of Rising Sun too. Listen to it.

3. One More Cup Of Coffee – The White Stripes

I’m a bit partial to covers. A 1999 Jack and Meg + the best Bob Dylan song ever. I love the lyrics “your heart is like the ocean/mysterious and dark”

4. Calliope! – The Veils

My friend played this on the piano when I lived at Whitaker Place and I fell in love. Devonport spits out some cool bands! (although I guess these guys are really Londoners now.) Exciting music.

5. Wolf Like Me – TV On The Radio

A disappointing show at the Big Day Out but this album, Return To Cookie Mountain, has some winner songs like this one.

6. Black Water – Timber Timbre

This song plays on bFM a fair bit. Red finds it a tad depressing but “depressing” music makes a happy Helen. Weird? Maybe, but Timber Timbre is definitely a new Canadian love of mine.

7. One Monkey – Gillian Welch

Gillian has popped up in quite a few of these Mixed Tapes but here’s my favourite. Love.

8. America! – Bill Callahan

Thank you iTunes for suggesting I listen to Bill Callahan’s new album after I purchased Timber Timbre. Super cool dude. The David Letterman part in this song makes me laugh. Is he mocking his America or just really proud? Great voice.

9. Society – Eddie Vedder

From the Into The Wild soundtrack. This is one of those songs that fills me with appreciation for our beautiful life and makes me want to go and fill it to the brim.

10. Henry Lee – Nick Cave and PJ Harvey

From Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads. These two were together when they sang this on the album. Lucky PJ Harvey. Lucky Nick Cave.

11. Erase Me – Kid Kudi feat. Kanye West

Pam and Tess – you guys mentioned you were fans of this dude so here’s one with Mr West J I thought this song sounded a bit like Weezer when I first listened, so fun. I love Kanye. I know he’s a fool and all that jazz but he really does make some cool sounds. Listen to this really loud first thing in the morning. Boom!

  • http://www.ellicestreetgalleykitchen.wordpress.com Christy

    Hey Pam! We met once a while ago when Mika was still just a bump – my boyfriend is Josh Forde who’s mates with Adele – anyway just wanted to say how truly awesome this blog is, I’ve just spent about 40min reading and laughing, and playing tunes from Monday mixed tape posts. I’m home sick from work and it has cheered me up hugely – thanks xx