Dec 04

Weather & Weddings + a Mixed Tape V2 – Jordan

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Happy Monday to all my lovely friends in the future (NZ). It is only Sunday here, but since we have been listening to this mix whilst attempting to make pancakes – I figured it would be wonderful to share it with you in time for you to enjoy it for your entire Monday.

It’s a sunny 22 degrees here in Obregon – not too much different from the 21 degrees in Auckland today (but apparently Auckland has thunder and lightening storms!). Interestingly however, the low here is THREE degrees and in Auckland the low is 17. Crazy. I honest-to-goodness did not expect to be wearing socks and trackpants to bed at night and then stripping down to shorts and singlet or sundress during the day. It’s like the best of both worlds! Aren’t cold nights so much better than hot ones? And aren’t hot days so much better than cold ones? Oh yes.

Last night I got a chance to do some serious wedding thinking. I avoid the word ‘planning’ because at this stage it’s more just brainstorming (read: dreaming) than actual planning. I read about a beautiful little wedding with only 16 people that had all the decoration and thought and catering of a big wedding. How beautiful!

As Ivan and I have quickly discovered, keeping a guest list small is like trying to do a small shop at the grocery store: ‘oh just one more!’ and it ends up being huge. And we’ve decided that it’s actually the mid-sized weddings that are the hardest lists to create. The small ones are easy – just immediate family and closest (hand) friends. The big lists are easy too – all family and all friends (the ones who you’d want at your fiftieth, a wise piece of advice I received lately!) And so you see, it’s the medium lists that are tricky. Past the hand friends it starts to become a game of ‘well, if we invite him then we need to invite her. And if we invite her then we need to invite them.’ And pretty soon a list that began with 50 people has doubled. We still have a bit of thinking to do I think… And in the meantime if you’re curious about my inspiration and dreaming, follow my wedding board on Pinterest.

Less talking, more music. Here ya go, courtesy of the much-missed Jordan. (He’s not dead, he’s just on the other side of the world now)

jens lekman – black cab
modest mouse – baby blue sedan
casiotone for the painfully alone  – i love creedence
clinic – distortions
billy bragg – a new england
the chills – frantic drift
eels – hey man (now you’re really living)
the brunettes – your heart dies
the mountain goats – thank you mario but our princess is in another castle
radiohead – lozenge of love

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Jordan Mix 2 by Pamela Minett on Grooveshark