Oct 16

angus & julia

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a few weeks ago i heard that angus & julia stone were gonna be playing in vancouver.

i checked online and sure enough, all tickets had been sold.   gah! how did i not know this sooner?  i called around a few places and no-one had tickets left except one place that said they had 2 tickets… i asked if they could hold them for me and the guy said sure, if i got down there quick.  so i ran.  YUSSSS, 2 tickets for $30, it was a glorious day.

and a glorious night.  neither ivan nor i were feeling particularly well that evening and it was mighty cold out… we met braden there, a friend of ours who also happens to be mighty good at photography (check out his photos from the night) and he was chilling in the ‘vip’ area which was nice because it meant we could sit down before the show started.

if you haven’t seen them play live before, you really should.  they are so CUTE and have such a fun stage presence.  julia is so softly spoken and sweet, you can’t help but fall in love.  and angus reminds me a lot of my friend Guinness (it might just be the shaggy hair).

they didn’t play paper aeroplanes which is a favourite song of mine, but they played most everything else i wanted to hear.  especially the infamous wedding song that they haven’t recorded anywhere yet, but it’s so beautiful to hear her sing it, i actually cried throughout the entire song.  it’s that beautiful.  you can try to get a sense of it from here:

anyway, here are some photos we took from the evening. there’s a few nice ones :)

  • Tess

    to think, we missed them playing at the media club by 5 months.
    would be such a nice little venue to go see them at.

    Super green that you got to see them, and BEAUTIFUL photos! Love the one of Julia up the top. Gorgeous. I have such a major girl crush.

  • Red

    omg it’s totally Guinness! Double-life! Trust him though, huh? 😉

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