and then she was three

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you were so excited about turning three. your sense of time and age is so obscure right now though – a week ago you would still say ‘two and a half!’ proudly when asked how old you were and when asked when you were turning three you would say ‘in 3 hours!’ or (more accurately) ‘in march!’

you are now very sure that you are three. your birthday was everything you made sure it would be – “donuts, cake, ALL my friends and aunty adele” – and we had it in the same place as last year and had the exact same gorgeous weather as last year.

you had cards and presents arriving in the mail during the week leading up to your birthday and you proudly put them on your shelf and said you would ‘wait to open them’. (your ability to ‘wait’ amazes us). and on your birthday you opened mail from uncle red, aunty helen, oma & opa, ron & cathy, aunty anita and your GG. you open your gifts SO SLOWWWWWLY and you play with each present for a good 10 minutes before moving onto the next. you must get this trait from your opa. (he used to get a box of chocolates for christmas and make them last until the next christmas!)

my favourite thing in the world right now is how you wake me up around 4am to just say ‘mama?’ and i reluctantly say ‘yes?’ and you say ‘i love ya’ and fall asleep again. no matter how badly i need sleep, as my chiropractor casually reminded me, someday you’ll be off to college.

we can NOT believe how lucky we are to be parents of such a sweet girl. this next year is going to be all sorts of exciting.

all our love xxx

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so that light at the end of the tunnel ended up just being a sinus infection with a flashlight. not so fun. so antibiotics it is! today we painted. well, she painted and i cuddled a blanket on the couch on the porch with the camera. i love how much this girl loves to make ART.

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dear light

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dear light (at the end of the tunnel), i’m coming for you. i can see you up ahead there and i will make it. this weekend i got out of bed and i cleaned my little heart out til i was sweating and it felt good to sweat from something other than fever or too many blankets. and i know i am still too sick to run or do much else, but i hung out with my yoga teacher friends for a few hours and pretended i was well and it felt good. and then i even made dinner and cleaned it all up myself and it has been a long time since i made dinner, or cleaned dishes, so that felt good too. i love the optimism that comes with the small taste of good health. health is funny like that – i notice that we can totally take it for granted until we don’t have it and then life is SHIT. so if you are reading this and you are healthy, do a little dance for yourself or go upside down or run around the block because WOOHOOO you are very lucky! sincerely, me.

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books books books

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One of my favourite things to do ever is sit for hours in a bookshop. Depending on my mood I like a second-hand shop with floor to ceiling shelves full of used books or a gigantic Powell’s or a medium sized independent bookstore with good taste.

Lately I’ve surprised myself and managed to finish 5 books in just under 5 months.

And to 1. remember which books i’ve read and 2. recommend books to you, i’m going to list them here and tell you in very simple terms what i liked about each book and whether you should read it.

1. The family fang by kevin wilson. – This book is very funny. Not many books make me laugh out loud (the last one that did was this one). It’s about 2 siblings who are known as ‘child a’ and ‘child b’ of their famous artist parents. It’s silly but clever and hilarious.

2. The book theif by markus zusak. – this book is very easy to read and it’s very good, but it’s sad as hell. you should read it just for the cool way that it’s written: narrated by Death and it’s about a young girl in nazi germany who loves books and befriends a jew. obviously it will make you cry.

3. Do androids dream of electric sheep by philip k dick. – this is the book that Blade Runner was based on. i haven’t seen blade runner, but the book was terrific. science fiction i suppose and very easy to read but with some sweet twists and turns that got me thinking. a book that makes you think about things.

4. The bird artist by howard norman. – this book starts off with the narrator telling you that he killed the lighthouse keeper. he then goes on to tell the full story of how and why. it isn’t a particularly beautiful read, but the story is pretty crazy and the characters are super interesting.

5. The memory keeper’s daughter by kim edwards. – this is SO GOOD! the writing is beautiful and well thought-out. the story begins with a doctor who is delivering his twin babies in a snow storm and he notices that one of them has down syndrome so he tells his nurse to take the baby away to a home and give it away (without telling his wife). the nurse can’t go through with it so she skips town with the kid and raises her as her own. the story spans many many years (which i love) and so you get the FULL life story of these two families and everyone who is involved. such a good read.

6. tell the wolves i’m home by carol rifka – i suppose i shouldn’t have included this book, but i’m currently reading it…so i’ll update you when i’m done!

if you have any great books you’ve read lately, i wanna hear about them! next on my list is the goldfinch and shantaram.

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M was the first to get sick and we were right in the middle of moving house. The poor wee thing had to sit in her carseat as i drove between houses moving things during the day and occasionally had to haul her out and lie her on blankets in the living room while i cleaned and organised.

And then on thursday night i started feeling funny. And on friday morning we took m to the allergy doctor and she was so brave as the nurse tested her back with over 20 different suspected allergens. And by the end of her appointment we knew that she is badly allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, fish, walnuts, cashews and dust but not allergic to soy or almonds or wheat (phewf) and i was shivering with a fever.

I spent the weekend in bed. And monday in bed. And m would come in and check on me and say ‘mami i love you, do you need some medicine?’ and ‘mami, i brought you a tissue’ and just over and over, ‘mami, i love you’. Which is possibly the best thing to hear when i’m feeling sick, right? And because looking after your child when you are that sick is the worst thing in the world, i am so happy to be close to friends who aren’t sick who can help out. and grateful for good easy movies like this one.

and now i am over being sick. not physically over it (unfortunately), but emotionally i need to get back out there. there’s only so many books i can read, SVU reruns i can watch and times i can blow my nose or choke on my coughing before i just want to GO FOR A RUN or DO A HANDSTAND or SOMETHING.

i suppose the good thing about being sick is that it puts everything back into perspective. as soon as i can’t do something for whatever reason, i feel like it’s the universe’s way of ensuring i never take it for granted.

my next run is going to feel amazing.

The weekend before we moved in. No-one was sick here!

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