Family Photographer in Auckland

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So I am very very excited because i will be coming to NZ to photograph the wedding of a super gorgeous couple in January. The tickets were booked pre-Teo’s arrival and now that he is here and I am able to think a little more clearly, I realised that I actually want to extend my stay a wee bit in NZ and make the most out of the NZ summer.

I would love to take some photos for some families while I am back, and as I will be extending my trip I will have a few days available to do so. If you are interested, please get in touch ASAP (book before Jan 5th and get a discount) through my website

xmas 2014

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We ate lentil loaf and salad and I would have gone to bed feeling great if it hadn’t been for the chocolate and chocolate and chocolate consumed after dinner. All four of us played Catan. Dad and I finished some cryptic crosswords. I went running in my new leggings. We walked to Starbucks on Xmas day. I’d claim this is the first time it’s happened, but actually it has happened once before in 2007 in Vancouver, BC. We walked around the lake. We drank hot cocoa and ate vegan donuts. We drove to Mukilteo and had a real Xmas dinner with friends and their family. My mum and I went to my local yoga studio on Xmas eve and Mika and I slept in on Xmas morning. For brunch Ivan made everyone tofu scramble with beans and hashbrowns. Having my mum and dad here felt like the best xmas present ever.

I took some photos, but definitely not enough. And I have the same song in my head as last year.

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some pictures of lately

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So Oma has been here for 2 weeks now and it is so so good. Like, ‘how will i manage without her’ sort of good. She has pretty much just assumed the role of chief baby holder and book reader, which has pretty much made me redundant (except for feeding every 3 hours).

But seriously, having more grownups than children in the house makes for a much easier life. And with a grownup like Oma who will willingly change diapers, multitask with an infant in her arms, forgo a shower or two for the greater good and read Dora the Explorer over and over again to the chattiest 3.5 year old, life almost feels luxurious.

I have been enjoying weekly massages (maximizing my insurance benefits), time alone, time with just Mika, some time with just Ivan and even my first postpartum run. NONE of this would happen so easily without Oma here. So things are good.

Teo is getting bigger and stronger and it is SO INSANE how cute he is. Ivan loves being out with him alone because in any other circumstance he would never have so many women approaching him in public 😉

Our days are full but not busy. We walk, we explore, we drink coffee and eat donuts, we go to a dance class or the gym, we read so many books.

In an effort to make Christmas about ‘more than just presents’, I made a little ‘Christmas Jar’ for Mika to open each morning. I made her a christmas tree out of cardboard and drew numbers on it from 1-25 and then in her jar i leave her a little star sticker, a tiny piece of chocolate and an activity for each day. The activities are usually low key, like ‘read a christmas story with oma!’ or ‘choose a toy from my bedroom to donate’ or ‘drink hot cocoa after dinner’, but it has been so fun to watch her jump out of bed each morning and open her jar.

Here’s a few pictures from lately.

O Christmas Tree Tradition!

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After overthinking it a bit, I’ve realised that many traditions are just sort of born out of doing the same thing this year that we did last year without much thought. So when Mika said ‘christmas can’t be here yet cause we haven’t cut down our tree!’ it became so that a tradition would be to cut down a tree (so long as we are in a place where we can do this) and of course we had to go to the same place we happened to go to last year. Two years in a row? Tradition!

But so much more awesome cause, well, Oma and Teo are here! (And also because M is at an age where decorating the tree is apparently SUPER exciting. Last year she didn’t care about this much).

And Mika had a chat with Santa. I’m not sure what they talked about, cause when I asked her about it she went all shy and said she couldn’t remember. But later this evening she ran up to me and said ‘Mama, wasn’t it so exciting that I got to see Santa today?!’

Teo: One Month

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Today you are 31 days old.

I can’t believe we’ve been staring at your beautiful face for an entire month. (Read: I can’t believe I haven’t had more than 3 hours sleep in a row for an entire month.) Ha, but no – also I can’t believe how much bigger you feel in my arms already, and how tiny you still look when I see people holding you.

But here we are, back to ‘normal’ life cause your papa has now gone back to work and so it is just you and me and your amazing big sister. (Quite honestly it blows my mind how much this girl loves you. You’re a lucky boy.) And what does normal life look like? It is a midnight, a 230am, a 530am and a 7am wake up with you. It is lying in bed trying to catch one extra hour sleep between 730 and 830am while your papa makes oatmeal for your sister. It is Mika suddenly taking full charge of herself and running in to wake me up at 830am to proudly show me her choice of clothing for the day. Sometimes it is kissing your sister and papa goodbye as they go off to school and work respectively. And then we hang out at home and I watch your gorgeous face when you’re awake and I try to do other things when you’re asleep (if you let me put you down). And sometimes it is the three of us heading out to paint playground or a dance studio or the open gymnastics. And somehow everything just keeps going.

I had one of my favourite ‘duh’ moment realisations the other day. One of those ‘this is IT’ moments. One of those ‘life happens while you’re busy making plans’ sort of moments. One of the best things about first time parenthood is the complete naivety. When Mika was about 6 weeks old I wrote that she was now sleeping like 5-8 hours at night! I remember thinking ‘woohoo! this is it! we’ve made it!’ and then it wasn’t until after many many more sleepless and sleep-full nights I realised that the only thing we can be sure of it that things will change. For better or for worse or just different – things will change.

This makes second-time parenthood a little bit easier and also a little bit sadder. But what it sort of makes me think about is that I don’t want to be living in my head waiting for it to ‘get easier’. Cause it sort of won’t. It will just get different. And so instead of trying hard to make it easier, or waiting for it to get easier, I find myself accepting it for what it is and enjoying these moments that will not last: the sleepless nights, your erratic newborn breathing, the sweet smell of your breath, soothing you with breastmilk, feeling like i’m covered in breastmilk all.the.time, how you sleep on me all day long, the quiet moments when you’re awake and we stare at each other for the longest time, your jerky baby movements…all of these things will pass.

But every day I feel like I am getting to know you a little bit more and I love every second of it. Your papa and I can’t quite believe how lucky we are.