Sep 26

18 Months (one and a half)

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Your new words are “bubbles! sky! bike!” and they are (as your aunty tess points out) glorious words. You don’t have very many words really, but you talk your own language non stop and the words you do have, are gorgeous.

In the last few weeks your papa and I have noticed you really interacting with other kids on the playground. Not just the token ‘hi’ and fuss over a shared toy, but really playing with each other and enjoying the company. It’s pretty cute to watch.

Your nap times are pretty consistent now – you go down once a day from around 1:30pm til about 3pm. You like to sleep with your brown bear (osito) and your little baby doll (bebe).

You’ve finally come to terms with the fact that we stopped breastfeeding and you love drinking your little toddler vitamin shake from your bottle. Your papa has been amazing at getting up for your 5:30am (or sometimes earlier) wake up and giving you your bottle ever since we stopped breastfeeding.

You’re testing boundaries and it’s getting tricky. The road outside our house is now the most terrifying thing for me. You used to stop at the curb, but now that you’ve figured out how to jump off it (yes, jump off it), there’s no stopping you! It’s can still be tricky to know what’s ‘normal toddler behaviour’ and what’s ‘Mika’, but I’m happy to be along for the ride and watch you develop into a little person.

Today we walked for an hour in the late afternoon while we waited for papa to come home. You love dirt and dandelions and sitting on things. I took my camera: