Jun 22

3 months old

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Mika is 3 months old today.

I’ve stopped counting the weeks (it gets confusing) and instead we will just go by the date she was born (the 23rd). Which makes today her 3 month milestone. She weighs 5.26 kilos and she is 60cm long.

Is it weird to write letters to your baby? Maybe. But it’s fun to do anyway.

Dear Mika,

The past 3 months have gone by so quickly and yet felt like a lifetime. How does that work? I’m not sure. But the days of absolutely no sleep feel like a distant memory. You are now sleeping between 5 and 9 hours at night – bliss.

Right now you are a very content little baby. You love to smile. You love to talk! You have just discovered your voice and you talk at every opportunity. We have no idea what you are saying (obviously), but you say it with such conviction that we have no choice but to listen and believe you.

You are so strong. You love to be on your tummy and you especially love to be naked. I can hold you on my hip now!

You have started to understand that you have toys. It’s so sweet, the way you reach out so slowly to grasp the little bear that hangs from your bouncy chair.

You love your grandpa and I swear that you save the biggest smiles for him.

Bath time is a favourite for you. It’s your time with your papá and I can always hear the two of you having so much fun. You love to kick and you are quickly outgrowing your little bathtub. (Your papá calls you Kicky)

You entered this world so quickly, kicking and screaming to announce your arrival. You have settled into this world as an alert, interested, social, sweet and active little baby girl. You are our sunshine every day and we cannot imagine a world without you.

Happy 3 months of existence little Mika,

Love your mamá and papá.

  • Red

    bless <3

  • Rodrigo

    she is the bestest hahaha

  • kathryn

    how nice pam!!! we neeeeeed to see you!!!!!! sophia and mika can have a wee play xxxxx

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