Nov 30

8 Months (+ 1 week)

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So I just totally forgot to write a post for Mika’s 8 month milestone. We are in Mexico and it is hot and Mika’s cousins are cute and the tacos are yum but for now I will write just about Mika and save the rest for another post.

Loves: Silverbeet (?), cucumber, Grandparents, making kissing sounds (this started yesterday), standing with assistance, army crawling, playing with anything that we haven’t spent money on, playing peekaboo, saying ‘mamama’ and ‘dadadada’.

Doesn’t really love: avocado and banana.

I keep wondering if I’m gonna get over it at some point. Like as if at any moment I might just stop marveling at how gorgeous she is or how incredible it is that Ivan and I created her. But 8 months have gone by and it still blows my mind. She’s started copying me when I blow her a kiss she smacks her lips together and makes kisses back to me with a little smile and I wonder if anything in life will ever be so satisfying as this.

  • Ingrid

    In my opinion, there is nothing that is as heart warming, memorable or satisfying as those moments you describe. Miss you three and look forward to more news soon xxx