May 15

Time is a funny thing.

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I remember a while back I learned about the project triangle technique when starting projects. One corner is how fast it needs to be done, the second one is how much it will cost and the third one is how good does it need to be.

The whole idea behind it is that out of the three characteristics of your project you can only have two. So it can be fast and cheap but it wont be good, fast and good but it won’t be cheap or cheap and good but it’ll take a while to develop. I think that this principle also applies to the life of a new parent in my opinion. if we change the variables to family time, work time and personal time then again you can only choose two.

I feel that I’ve been selfish lately and have been spending most of my personal time trying to improve my design skills. This sucks though, because by the wisdom of the chart it means I can’t have spent much time with my girls.  So I’ve decided that from this moment on (after writing this post) there’s going to be ‘no-computer time’ which means exactly what the name says.

Where in the chart do you find yourself?

  • Nathaniel

    Bravo post bro! My daughter reckons I’m always going to work, asks me if I’m going to work on the weekends too; and I make sure I’m, never on the computer during the day on the weekend. Still, my time this year has been skewed heavily toward the work time end of the triangle but am getting more balanced.

  • Pamela

    I think it must be so much harder for the modern day working man. I’m pretty sure that ‘work life balance’ wasn’t an issue back in the day because no-one expected men to really be around for the family. It was more of a ‘you provide the money’ sorta thing. But now there’s a lot of pressure to be a full-time dad AND partner AND provider. It’s tough! I’m not saying it’s easy being home with Mika all day, but at least I don’t have to juggle 3 things (yet).

    Darling, you do an amazing job. I’m grateful that you love your work – at least it doesn’t make me feel guilty dropping you off in the mornings. I like to know that you enjoy what you do. And I know that you miss us!! At least you’re not in the navy or the army or in some kinda job where you’re away for months at a time! We’re very lucky really :)


  • Fran

    Priceless blog title. I am now curious as to what happens when a mexican knocks up a kiwi. If I was any good at art I would draw a funny picture, but im not so it will have to stay in my head. However, much better than my situation of ‘when a Vermonter knocks up a kiwi’ could also paint a funny picture though. Good blog.

  • John

    Well said sir. I am in the same boat as you and find myself trying to figure out the best way to manage my time. Amusingly enough, I came to a decision wherein I set aside 1 full day a week that I do nothing but spend time with my wife and girls (I spend all day with my girls all week, however, the time with my wife does not equal out). However, I have removed one piece of the equation out of my triangle. I don’t do personal time – at least not often enough for it to warrant a place. I still, however, struggle with the work/family balance because I’m always trying to up the ante on my skill-set. Being an artist and a husband/parent will always be a struggle, but it’s the moment that we embrace that, that we finally are able to make better decisions on how to divide that time.

  • Ivan

    I see, thing is I consider upping my skillset as part of my ‘free-time’ because I have a full-time job at an agency where I deal with creating campaigns that include sites and videos. But I wanna have a stronger 3d toolset which is what I’m trying to develop, but the only time I can do so is on my personal time.

    I try to spend most of my weekend with both Pamela and the little one, but work does get in the way sometimes!