Apr 12

we have a poop!

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“We have a poop” – Pamela’s first words of the day after Mika’s frenzy of eating all day/night without a single poo. This combined with trapped wind makes her so uncomfortable and it’s hard to watch her squirm and moan without being able to do much. So far we’ve tried to release her wind by burping her, holding her upwards and I massage her belly which helps her release wind from down below.

A quick google search will show that the internet is a frenzy of ‘how do I burp my baby?’ advice.  So I’m just gonna add to it with some good old speaking-from-experience advice.  Besides the methods mentioned above, here’s a few other things we’ve been trying to help Mika release trapped wind.

  • Holding her upright seems to work amazing. specially right after feeding, the more time she gets with her head up the more likely she will be to release some trapped wind.
  • If that doesn’t work, moving her legs inwards and outwards in a bicycle-like motion which applies pressure onto her belly usually works quite well.
  • We’ve also just started using Infacol to help her a bit more. I’ll let you know how well it worked for us in a few days. Along the same lines Gripe Water is quite popular out there. It didn’t really work that well for her. I found that the effects wore off in seconds leaving her back to unsettlement in no time.
  • To finish off, I think the most important advice of all is be calm. Babies are really receptive and if you’re anxious whilst trying to calm your baby.. Well, they kinda pick up on it…