Jun 08

we made a baby in san francisco

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You would think I’d be over it by now.

You would think that by the 77th day of having my boob sucked whilst I focus intently on my daughter’s teeny tiny features and actions – the way her free arm waves about until her hand finds my boob and then she pushes on it as if summoning more milk; the way her eyes stare into mine or dart around the room or sometimes roll back into her head when she starts to drift off into sleep; the way she gulps with her entire body and wheezes to catch her breath; the way she fits perfectly across my body, resting in my arms – you would think that after 77 days of watching this, that I would no longer be amazed by it all.

You would think that – and you would be wrong.

Tonight I made this salad for dinner with some chicken breasts stuffed with sundried tomato & mozzarella cheese. Irrelevant? Perhaps.

But as I was cooking, I was thinking about how every little single thing that I have consumed in the past year has gone into creating this:

Exaggeration? I have no idea. But so far she is growing, thriving and getting chubby from my boob-milk alone. You gotta admit that’s pretty darn neat-o. ¬†One entire year (today!) has gone into making this beautiful little girl.

It’s been a year well spent. We:

  • made a baby in San Francisco
  • celebrated my birthday in Portland, Oregon
  • moved into a new apartment in downtown Vancouver
  • took Ivan for his first ever kayak trip!
  • saw the Kings of Leon play at The Gorge in Washington
  • saw Angus & Julia Stone play in Vancouver, Canada
  • trained ivan for his first ever triathlon!
  • spent 2 weeks in mexico in Ivan’s hometown
  • moved to new zealand
  • spent a week camping around the north island of NZ
  • visited Waiheke Island
  • gave birth to the most beautiful little girl

On our list of things still to do before we leave NZ in November:

  • visit the snow in the central north island
  • visit wellington as a family
  • hike the pinnacles (just ivan and i)
  • hike the tongariro crossing (just ivan and i)
  • spend a week or 2 driving the south island as a family

Make sure to let me know if you think there’s something we must do before we leave!

  • http://www.bradenpaulphotography.com braden

    im still set on mika being a sasquatch baby.

  • Cousin Rachel

    Chubbies are good! Both Daphne and Mira where “butterball” babies, with chubs and the cutest cheeks.. Now look at at Daphne… (looks nothing like mom) slender at 5’2″ and all leg, Mira is gaining on her heels fast. She has thinned out so much and she too is built like Daphne.