Mar 31

where’s the manual at?

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The moment when the midwife placed baby Mika in the bassinet next to my bed and said goodnight to Ivan and I sleeping in separate single beds in one of the birthing rooms, was the first moment that my stomach lurched.  What? She’s leaving us? With our baby? But what do we do?

It was at this moment that I had some pretty intense realisations.  It was at this moment that I realised Ivan and I were parents.  Not just a Mexican guy with a pregnant girlfriend.  But a mama and a papa to a little baby.  I realised that there is no manual.  Everything from now on is a joint effort in trust and instinct.  We were made to do this and our little baby is meant to have us as parents. I remember my friend Ange once said to me that she believed babies choose their parents (in a spiritual sense) and I love this thought.  Everything is as it should be and we need to trust that we know best, as terrifying as it might seem.

I love being a little family now.  Every time Ivan comes home from work and asks ‘where’s my little family?’ and we have family cuddle time on the couch, I couldn’t think of a happier moment.  (She’s 8 days old.. she doesn’t yet know how lame family cuddle time sounds – and I’m going to milk every day of it).

So I still haven’t really ventured out of home yet – we’re both still recovering slowly, allowing our bodies to heal and taking the time to get to know each other a bit better.  We’ve had a couple visitors but any more than 1 person per day can be a little overwhelming (so please don’t be sad if we delay the visit requests)!


In other news, here’s some cool stuff I’ve seen/heard lately (whilst our little bug sleeps peacefully on my lap)

My mum was watching this TED Talk the other day and she restarted it when I came into the room. It’s well worth the 20 minutes, I promise.


I was reading my friend Sheena’s blog the other day and I was led to this very cool band. I’m very in love.


Are you excited for the new Fleet Foxes album release?


Our little bug loves music. She can’t seem to process pain/discomfort and music at the same time, so if she’s fussing about something we just need to play some tunes and she zones out and forgets about her discomfort until the music stops.


Check out this wicked awesome website campaign about homelessness. I found it through my friend Jade who posted something about it on Facebook. It’s very clever and very effectively makes you see homelessness in a ‘real’ way.


Do you love cookies? Just when you think cookies couldn’t get more wonderful, you find cookies being sold by a bag and string hoist in San Francisco. *Sigh*.


Ok that is all. Here is our family photo taken at the end of Mika’s first week. (Yes, we will take better family photos one day soon).

  • Cousin Rachel

    Music soothes the savage beast, they say, and in most cases the cranky baby. :) Both my girls had thier preferences when it came to music. Classical for “Tummy Time” Mira liked country for sleep and techno for play. Daphne detested country while “Wombing it” but eventually liked it for bath time. For her sleep was Operatic Rock (Sirenna – I think) and for play… Anything!

    Now that they are older, both the girls will listen to everything. The radio and hit list station are on at our house all the time. Mira enjoys her pre-school shows songs and everything else. Her favorites to sing are “Firework” by Katy Perry and “Waving Flags” by Knaan.

    Daphne being 14 is branching out her tastes and as the “old mom” I have to wonder at some of it… Ke$ha??? Who came up with her I dont know! And then there are some that as long as you dont watch the video, its all good.

    Oh dear, look at me all “Blah, Blah, Blah….”