Jan 23

10 Months

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At ten months this little girl is a bundle of energy. From 4am she is pretty much ready to start the day, much to our displeasure. So we all drift in and out of sleep from 4am until 7am when there is no more snoozing this little alarm clock.

She stands on everything. She has her 2 bottom teeth. She has just mastered the ‘proper’ crawl, but when she is tired she will resort back to the army crawl. She eats whatever we are eating. Still no dairy or nuts though – but pretty much everything else. She loves to feed herself – the ultimate distraction – she can easily spend 20 minutes picking little pieces of food off her tray. She is much less fussy these days too.

She talks non-stop. Full babbling conversations with herself and with others. She has also just started turning her head away and then saying ‘boo!’ and as she turns her head back towards us quickly. She thinks she is hilarious. We agree.

Things she finds very funny:

  • When Ivan and I throw a ball between us. I have no idea why, but she gets herself into fits of laughter whenever we chuck a ball around (this is often).
  • When Ivan and I throw her between us. Well, we pretend to throw her, really we just pass her. But she finds it hilarious. We count to three and then ‘throw’ her. Laugher. Joy. Fun times.

Four words: sweet, determined, energetic and pensive. 

And so freaking cute.

“Hey love! Come quick! Look how cute she is!” (this is all Ivan and I ever say. Seriously.)

  • Daniela

    Love your blog. What a very special way to record your young family life. Hope all is going well for you on your central/ south American adventure. Love, dani x

    • Pamela

      Thanks Dani!! I hope all is well in your world also :) xx

  • http://www.babiesandtwins.com/ Beth

    Holy Beautiful! Just the cutest little thing. I love all the different expressions and angles of these photos. The second to last is mesmerizing.