Feb 26

11 months.

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Yeah that’s right, she’s eleven months old now. I’m pretty much sitting on my hands to stop myself from writing cliche statements like ‘what?! how fast was that?’ etc etc (obviously not actually sitting on my hands, otherwise it would be extremely difficult to type this. You know what I mean though) And so I’m just going to avoid talking about all the emotions that come with watching your baby girl grow into a toddler and skip right to the facts.

Here’s 11 facts about this gorgeous 11 month old:

  1. She loves to feed herself. Gone are the days of spoon feeding, this girl will shove anything and everything (except avocado) into her mouth. Her favourites of late have been tofu and blueberries.
  2. Her favourite games are peekaboo and ’round and round the garden’. She’ll give me her palm to play ’round and round the garden’ and she’ll sit and watch so intensely as I trace her palm. As soon as I start saying ‘one step…two step…’ she starts to squeal with delight as she knows that I’m about to tickle her. Ok, so really it’s my favourite game 😛
  3. She has completely mastered the ‘proper’ crawl! I didn’t think she’d ever do it, I kinda thought she’d skip straight to walking – but no! She zips around the house on all fours faster than I would think possible.
  4. Not walking yet. But standing on everything and sidestepping around furniture. I really don’t know if she’ll walk before 1 year…she just looks so little! But maybe she’ll prove me wrong.
  5. She weighs 8.2 kilos, she’s 73cm tall and she has a 46cm head circumference. (Perfect)
  6. Favourite words: ‘DADA, MAMA’ and what we think is an attempt at ‘ADIOS!’ She loves to yell at people to get their attention, but my favourite is when she sleep talks really quietly or when she wakes up, babbles something incoherently and then goes straight back to sleep.
  7. She understands ‘beso?’ (kiss) and ‘adios!’ and she gives full mouth kisses and waves goodbye. It’s quite adorable.
  8. Loves: being outside, reading books, playing peekaboo, being in the bath and climbing stairs.
  9. Still breastfeeds 4-5 times a day and loves it.
  10. We call her our fearless adventurer. I’m sure it’s just a phase that all babies go through, but she is just so determined to do everything and get everywhere. She loves it when strangers smile at her and she’ll return the favour with the sweetest grin you’ve ever seen.
  11. We’ve had to cut back the amount of water she drinks during the day. She could easily down 12 oz of water in a day and this meant a) she was eating less and b) we’d go through so many diapers. So now we limit it to 4 oz of water.

Nearly 1 year old little girl. Eeesh time flies. We love you more every second.

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  • Ellie

    Found to your blog via cozyhunter and stopped by. It was lovely to read what your 11 months old loves to do and can do – we have a similar aged little boy, and many of the facts you listed match with him too.:)

    And I’m so jealous of these pictures (okay first of all I know your camera is a lot better than mine) because our son is super excited about anything electronic, so all the time I try to take pictures of him he just yells and tries to reach the camera..:)

    • http://www.mividacontigo.com/ Pamela Minett

      haha, thanks for stopping by! I’m pretty lucky that she still lets me photograph her, I imagine it’s only gonna get harder!