Dec 12

3 months to go.

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Today is officially the start of my third trimester.  In exactly three months from today, Ivan and I will get to meet our new baby.

I can’t stop thinking about how incredible child birth is.  All of us have been there, inside our mum’s tummy and none of us remember it.  Pretty soon, we’re going to have a living breathing thinking eating functional human-being (I hope).  It’s so science fiction, it blows my mind.

Being pregnant makes you think aLOT about your body.  It stretches and grows in ways that are so alien and so seemingly impossible.  It’s funny though – as much as I love being fit and not fat,  I am currently loving the way that my body is growing.  Every day I look a little bit bigger and it makes me squeal with delight.  When I wake up, the first thing I do is check the bump out in the mirror.

(If you ever see me in the street, the nicest thing you can do is a) touch my belly or b) comment on how big my belly is.  Either of these will make me ecstatically happy).

So in celebration of 27-weeks-down-and-hopefully-12-more-to-go, here are some more glorious photos of my growing belly.

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  • James

    Wow Pam, beautiful!

    I’m so excited for you guys, you’re going to be the radest parents :)

    Party on !