Dec 27

9 Months (+1 week)

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We’ve been in Mexico for a month?! How?

My darling Mika,

It feels like years have passed since you were so tiny and asleep in the little bassinet on the airplane to Mexico. You’ve grown so much in the month that we’ve been here.

You have your first tooth! It’s visible now, and really really sharp. We can see the start of another tooth trying to get through too.

You are desperate to start walking. We place the kitchen stools in your play area and you can pull yourself up to standing! You like testing your balance with one hand once you get there, but you haven’t quite mastered walking yet. You can kind of move yourself around, but you’re still quite wobbly. It’s OK my little one, you are getting stronger each day!

You’ve started eating eggs! We feed you egg soldiers (well, you feed yourself) and your papa and I love it. You’ve also tried beans and tofu which you love too, but your favourite meal is still broccoli by far. As long as there’s broccoli, you’ll eat anything.

You have your own bedroom, but at about 2am each morning we bring you to our bed until the morning. It’s the most wonderful thing ever to wake up to your little smile and your chatter (oh you talk constantly). Although sometimes after a late night your papa and I wish you had a snooze button just for a couple more hours. When you’re awake, you make sure we know it – you gently tap my face with your hand and kick your papa in the head until we’re wide awake. Papa is keeping a little notebook of all the times you keep him from sleeping and he’s going to make sure you remember it when you’re about 18. I’m just kidding. Sorta.

You bring delight to everyone who is around you. You have a beautiful family here in Mexico who you are getting to know and who love you dearly.  You continue to be the brightest light in our lives, we love you.

Your mama and papa


  • Ingrid

    The month you have been away seems like forever to us.

  • Paul

    Nice pictures…I especially like the second from the bottom…our little scientist. Love, Dad.

  • Ingrid

    Yes, I love the way Mika finds the tiniest little specks on the ground and tries to pick them up and examine them. If not a scientist, then definitely a person with great attention to detail! You can see it when she studies peoples faces too. xx