Jun 10

at this moment.

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I am currently…

…wanting this camera lens, this canvas bag and everything from Misha Lulu’s Africa collection for Mika. Eeeep. Birthday?

…loving that my brother is coming home from Vancouver on June 14! Mika will get to meet her Uncle Vinny. She’s excited. And one of my best friends arrives tomorrow and is staying with us for the weekend. There’s so much to look forward to!

…enjoying red bush tea. Have you tried it? It’s a new obsession. I’ve also started eating seaweed as a snack. Addictive.

…realizing that one of the things I dislike the most about cooking is grating vegetables. I made beetroot burgers last night and it required plenty of grated vegetables. I love cooking, but I hate grating. Gah!

…eating this, this and this for dinner. And then I made this and this for dessert.

...smiling back at Mika. Every morning when I go in to see her, she gives me a huge toothless grin. And when I unwrap her from her miracle wrap she stretches her arms up to me. It makes me smile just thinking about it. She’s become super super smiley.

…hoping that you guys will check out my new photography website. I’ve only just put it up so it would be great if you could pass it on to friends who might be looking for a photographer. And if you’re pregnant, have a baby, have kids, have a boyfriend/girlfriend or a wife/husband – then you should consider getting some pictures taken!

…sharing Mika’s 11 week photos with you. If you like ’em – please vote for us on Top Baby Blogs today. They reset the counter so we have a shot at page 1 :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  • Cousin Rachel

    Totally the first black and white one.. takes it for me… that look on her face… Priceless!

  • http://ourislandoutlook.blogspot.com Rae

    Found your blog via TBB – Mika is a gorgeous little babe!

  • http://www.takingoutthetash.wordpress.com Natasha

    My friend just said, “Wow, she’s a model baby. But she’s too delicious. I’d just eat her. It’d be dangerous, I’d end up going to jail.”


  • http://www.andherecomesthesun.com Jess

    Just found your log via TBB, and I have to say… Mika is adorable!! Lovely photos.