Half a year!

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So Mika is .5 of a year.

She is trying so hard to crawl – she can push herself right up on her hands and then she can push her face into the floor whilst sticking her bum up to the ceiling. She can even pull her knees in as though she’s about to take off! But no crawling yet.

Sleeping is so-so and I’m really not that fussed. Sure it would be wonderful to have at least 6 hours of solid sleep each night (and I would welcome this change), but for now I am not sure what else we can be doing to help her sleep through the night. A part of me feels that if she was in a different room then things would be easier. I wake up to the smallest sounds she makes, but sometimes she can make those sounds for a good hour or so before it either escalates or she falls back into a deep sleep… but I don’t want to lie there for that hour listening to her! So I either feed her or I head upstairs and try to get some rest on the couch. Not ideal. But we’re only here for another 2 months (!!) so I’m not eager to try new things just yet.

A typical night is 7pm bed. 11pm feed. 4am feed. 7am feed.  If I drop the 11pm feed, she’s up at 1 or 2am. So this is how it is and I am OK with it.

This little girl is such a pleasure to be around. Her eczema is bad, but she is so unaware of it and her smiles are so big they seem to take over her entire body. We have tried everything to help her eczema – we are now on a strict diet including probiotics, fish oils, vitamin C and zinc, as well as 2 cups of spinach each day and lots of greens to keep up my folate. We are meant to be a completely dairy-and-wheat-free family to help with Ivan’s allergies too, but sometimes cheese and yoghurt slip into our fridge. Our last hope is that leaving Auckland will help. Or she’ll grow out of it. Eczema sucks.

Life is so beautiful. Summer is edging its way into our lives as we slowly start to put our jeans away in favour of shorts and summer dresses. Early morning runs, afternoon strolls and late night Bikram Yoga keep me feeling thankful for my body. A beautiful sweet baby and a gorgeous generous man keep me feeling thankful for my life. Meetings over Skype, new camera talk, photography sessions and an inspiring business partner keep me feeling excited for the future.

This is our life right now. Happy 6 months baby girl x

  • Rebecca

    Hi Pamela, What a beautiful page! Such a treasure you have :) xx

  • Jaya

    Heya! Gorgeous baby and family. My daughter has terrible eczema and the only thing that helped was putting her on goat and soy formulas instead of breast milk because as soon as she could scratch herself she would. :-)