Feb 28

i heart faces, week one.

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So I can’t even remember how I found this, but it’s a very cool concept.  It’s a weekly portrait photo competition where members get 2 days to submit a photo that fits the weekly theme.  I’ve been looking for ways to force myself to take more specific photos, so this is just perfect.  I’m a little late for ‘taking’ this week’s photo though, so I’m going to use one that I took about a month ago.  They list the themes in advance though, so from now on I’m going to actually take a new photo each week for the competition.  Just for fun.

This week happens to be ‘not a face’ week.  Hmmm… I take so many face photos so I had a bit of trouble with this.  But Ivan’s favourite is this sweet one of Ella and her fallen pig thing – so I guess this will be my first submission.  Cool.

If you want to check out the site (and join and play!) then click the link below :)

  • http://tiarastantrums.squarespace.com/blog/2011/2/27/i-faces-anything-but-a-face.html Tiaras & Tantrums

    is that a balloon there?

  • Pamela

    haha, it’s a bouncy toy that she was bouncing around on until she fell off and then just left it there helplessly 😛

  • http://www.rosinasphoto.com Rosina

    I love the wide space!! :)

  • http://goodknits.com/blog Lisa Gutierrez

    aww! poor piggy! 😉

    This is a beautiful photo. I love the tones.

  • http://heido73.blogspot.com/ Heidi

    This is such an interesting shot. I love the processing!

  • http://myversionofmylife.blogspot.com Lisa

    I adore this!!

  • http://sianyblog.blogspot.com/2011/02/iheartfaces-competition-anything-but.html Sian

    Love it! glad you found it, wonderful photo x

  • http://itsthepittsphoto.blogspot.com Kelsi Pitts

    i love the tones in this photo. too cute.

  • http://birdseyeviewphotography.blogspot.com/ kbreints

    Love the lighting. So great!

  • Jenny Diaz

    Very interesting. I like that I can’t tell where she is. I keeps me wondering.

  • http://ichasedragonflies.blogspot.com veronica

    love the shot

  • http://www.linneaingridphotography.com/ Linnea


  • http://www.delicatedewdrops.com Holly

    So cute!

  • http://vaniafrancesca.blogspot.com/ vania Francesca

    love this!!

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  • http://www.kaishon.blogspot.com Life with Kaishon

    Congratulations on being a WINNER the very first time you post to I heart faces. That is so exciting. I love your picture. It tells a great story. Totally and completely adorable. CONGRATULATIONS again on taking first place. Kudos! I can’t wait to see more of your pictures in the weeks to come.

  • http://www.shawntaesphotography.blogspot.com Shawntae

    Congratulations on your win at I Heart Faces! Your very first entry even!! :))

    It is a gorgeous photo!

  • http://www.retrospectation.blogspot.com Debra

    Ahhh, so gorgeous. Love your work!

  • http://cafe-momo.blogspot.com/ Monica

    Felicidades! Congrats on winning the weekly challenge. I love your blog as well.

  • Thatgirlblogs

    Contests, it’s gorgeous!

  • http://www.elizabethholderphotography.com/blog elizabeth

    wow- an amazing photo-
    congrats – I love it

  • kathryn

    OMG Pam i only just saw this!!! well done! i must say it is a beautiful photo……