Mar 02

kathryn, ella & baby.

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Anyone who trains for anything knows that sometimes there are ‘off’ days. Days where it just doesn’t feel that good. Moments when you wonder if you’re improving at all.

I often experienced these off days when I used to train for running races. Every Wednesday I used to run a 5km fun race called the ‘rat race’ in Milford/Takapuna. No-one can race their best week after week, and so at the back of my mind I would often remind myself that it’s the fact that I’m doing this run each week that I’m going to be getting better in the long run. I may not achieve a personal best every week, but over the period of a year I would most definitely notice an improvement.

And so it kinda feels like this with photography sometimes. I had the pleasure of doing a shoot with Kathryn and her absolutely gorgeous girls. And it didn’t feel great. The light upset me (we shot midday), my lens upset me, my large belly and the impossible heat was getting to me and even photoshop annoyed me when I got back to my computer. Days like these threaten the possibility that I’m gonna hide my camera and just forget about it for a while. But what good would that do?

As with my running, I just need to remember that there are great days and there are not-so-great days. But in the long run, if you just keep at it, it’s bound to pay off.

And despite the not-so-great photography here, these 3 females are definitely pleasing to look at. Kathryn – you produce fine offspring! (And let’s do this again with Ben next time!)