Mar 25

Mika’s First Year. In 8 Minutes

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Last night you were so itchy and you couldn’t sleep so I lay with you next to me and you curled your little body into mine. I stroked your hair and you fell asleep and I thought to myself how lucky we all are.

Becoming a mama has made me realise how many things exist in this world that could harm you. Things that I hardly gave a second thought to before, have suddenly become terrifying. From that angry driver to that kid with the flu, the table with sharp corners or the chunky soup – dangers lurk everywhere and I need to constantly tell my terrified brain to chill out.

In your first year you have been in an airplane 6 times. You have slept in cars, in prams, in arms, in travel cots, in bassinets, in baby carriers, on trains, on planes, on busses, on floors and in beds. We’ve had sleepless nights, restless nights and peaceful nights. And somehow, we’re all still alive.

We’ve called you Pokey, Thumpy, Kicky, Bug, Rascal, but most commonly Baby. You’re our sweet sweet baby girl and not a day has gone by without your papa or I exclaiming to each other how beautiful you are. We’re fascinated with you. You’ve quickly gone from a newborn who needed me to hold her head, to a little baby girl who would much rather hold her own bottle thanks. You went from helplessly kicking your little legs, to racing around our living room on all fours, climbing the stairs and pulling yourself along on our furniture.

Often when we were in transit, flying high over the oceans or speeding along in the dark in an overnight bus, I would hold you in my arms as you slept and I would feel so lucky that I could be here protecting you right now. I know we can’t protect you forever, but I can’t say we won’t be doing our best.

We’re so grateful that we’re your parents. We’re so proud of you and the love we feel for you is terrifying and glorious. We’re not the only ones – So many people love you.

To our little moon child, our sweet winter baby,

Happy first birthday,

Your mama & papa

Are you ready for the best 8 minutes of your life? If you haven’t had the opportunity to be with this little girl for the entire past year, then here is your chance to see the highlights. OK, it’s probably not gonna be that wonderful for anyone who isn’t family, so to our family around the world – this is for you.

  • Cleoramone

    Hi there,
    I’ve been following your blog for a while now but never left a comment. Happy 1st birthday to Mika, she looks like such a happy wee girl, and you guys are obviously doing a great job as mom and dad!
    My own daughter’s first birthday is coming up and I’d love to make a video for my round-the-world family too and was just wondering what tools you used to create a video such as this? I have mostly still photos but would love to make a first year montage and am very unsure of how to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    I hope Mika has a wonderful birthday.
    Many thanks,

  • Carrie

    Beautiful video Pam! Happy 1st birthday to darling wee Mika x

  • Rebecca

    Such a beautiful collection of shots for Mika! I love it! xxx

  • Andie McDonald

    Such a great video! She’s absolutely goregous. Hope it’s a great first birthday

  • Melissa

    My eyes actually watered. I loved this! So much.

  • Joss

    That is just gorgeous. Such beautiful memories…. Mika is a lucky little girl to have such talented parents who have been able to capture those moments so perfectly!

  • Caroline

    This. is. BEAUTIFUL. It nearly brought me to tears! I am a new mama to my now 4 month old daughter and it truly is AMAZING to see how they grow so fast! Great job and happy birthday Mika.

  • avz

    She is absolutely beautiful, my wife and I also have a 7 month old daughter, and i was sitting in the office working and somehow i end ed up looking at this video of you, it brought me to tears, I am gonna finish up with work and head of straight to my little girl. I miss her so much. She reminds me so much of our own little girl. thanks regards

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  • Debe

    That is one special little girl with some seriously awesome parents :) So glad to have your family in our lives!