May 03

Right now

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This is a very frequent view in our lives right now. Reheating beans.

This is the air conditioning unit that sits above us when we eat.

This is our latest morning walk – to buy veges. But you’ll notice, as colorful and amazing as this looks, the actual lack of veges in sight. In fact, I can only see carrots, some green beans and some corn. The rest is just amazingly sweet and delicious fruit.

Mika rides in her car.

Oh hi there! This is Mika, hanging out in the door to the office.

Her latest trick!! She stands and she dances! Well, dancing is a stretch. But she’s pretty excited :) Look at those strong legs!!!

I’m shooting a wedding tomorrow, then we’ll be in full ‘getting ready to leave’ mode, which means getting rid of a few things still, planning any last minute beach trips, having lunch with family and spending as much time together as possible (not hard, considering we spend all day in a small house together :P).

I’m actually starting to feel a bit sad about leaving Mexico…but just sad enough to really appreciate everything about right now. Not sad enough to not be crazy excited about Seattle!!


  • lina

    i love that your family travels & lives life along the way. where are you headed to next?

    • Pamela Minett

      we’re off to Seattle, WA! I’m so excited :)

  • helen

    i love this pam. great photos. especially the air con one. and mika and her car while ivan purchases goods. do you ever catch the bus? x

    • Pamela Minett

      Yup occasionally. It’s quite the experience, I assure you.

  • Tracie

    Mika is so adorable! My little one is just starting to “dance” too. Love your pictures!!


    • Tracie Snowder

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