week one

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One week ago today I was dropping Tess off at the airport, about to head out for dinner with Ivan and later heading into Birthcare to give birth to our beautiful daughter.

So much can happen in a week!

First-time motherhood is… beautiful. I’m still marvelling at the wonders of the human body (I know I’ve said this a lot… but seriously it is incredible). There have been so many questions from friends and family about how we are doing, how I’m feeling, how Ivan’s feeling, how it is being home now etc etc and so I thought I’d do a little summary (my brain is still a little mushy.)

  • We got home from Birthcare on Sunday and Mika has been adjusting to her new surroundings.  She mainly just eats and sleeps and poops – but she also has some very alert and calm ‘awake’ time where she stares into my eyes and my heart melts and I wonder what she is taking in and what she sees and hears.
  • Breastfeeding has been pretty easy I suppose.  She has no problems figuring out what to do – although sometimes she has this look of sheer horror as my gigantic boob looms near her face. I seem to have a ridiculously abundant supply of milk and she can only manage about 5 minutes of gulping (seriously, you can hear her swallowing from the other side of the room) before she tears herself away and pants wildly for about a minute, does a huge burp and then lunges for some more.  It’s hilarious.
  • I’m feeling pretty OK.  Obviously there are certain aches and pains associated with pushing out a baby – so I’m not planning any serious exercise soon – but today Ivan and I left Mika with her grandpa for 15 minutes and went for a walk to get an ice-cream.  It was the first time I’ve been outside in a week!  And a hunched-back old lady probably in her 70s or 80s overtook us at the crosswalk… but I’m cool with that.  Really… All in good time.
  • Mika has gained 200 grams in SIX DAYS!  Ruth came to weigh her today and said that it was a pretty impressive weight gain.  Oh Mika girl, you need to take it easy with the boob.  (She takes after her daddy).
  • Changing diapers is really no big deal at all.  Even really smelly ones.
  • I sleep in 2 hour blocks and get roughly 5-7 hours a night if I’m lucky.  I let Ivan sleep a solid 6-8 hours in one go and then he wakes up early to help change her before he heads to work.  It’s not so bad.
  • We could watch her all day.  She has LONG legs, long black hair, big blue eyes, a teeny tiny nose and little rose bud lips.  She loves to kick her legs out now that she has more room compared to in the womb.
  • The most common nickname that she gets now is ‘bug’ because she looks so adorable when she is all wrapped up in her swaddle and squirming to try to get free.  Middle name perhaps?

It’s so surreal that 6 days ago she was still in my belly and now she is out in this world.  Gah, I just can’t really believe it! And time will just keep moving forward… yikes.

Here’s a snapshot of some moments I want to hold onto.  Mika from day 3 to day 6.

  • erwin

    she is beautiful

  • kathryn

    shes just beautiful hun! im so excited to meet her! xxx

  • Hanne-Oma

    She is soooooo cuuuute! It was very special for me to hold her!

  • helen

    beautiful indeed. makes one teary-eyed. x

  • em

    so so beautiful. what a creation. x

  • Anahi

    Primo que hermosaaa Mika, muy bien hecho eh jajaja…muchas felicidades!!

    Saludos a la nueva familia :)

  • Cousin Rachel

    Look at all that hair!! and those huge eyes! Beautiful!

  • Sammy

    Amazingly amazingly BEAUTIFUL!!!! Can’t wait to meet her! And some pretty sweet socks (match her eyes?!) in one of those pics too I must say! :) xxxxxxxx

  • Erika & Ramón

    Simplemente preciosa!!!!!!

    El pequeño Ramón Emiliano, rodeado de puras viejas…jajajaja

    Un abrazo a la peque y a toda la familia, los queremos muchos

  • Lorraine

    BEAUT!! :) X