Feb 21

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So if you’re 7 months pregnant and are looking for a way to forget you’re pregnant… spend a morning photographing a beautiful family – playing in the backyard, eating brunch and perusing a french market.  You’ll forget you’re pregnant… until you take a moment to rest… at which point you will be snapped back into reality.  Yes, you are large and pregnant and no you are not as nimble as you were pre-pregnancy.  Drat.

But photograph a beautiful family is what I did – and I have been ever so slack at putting up some pictures.  (My computer decided it was ‘at capacity’ for a while… hmmmf… but now we’ve had words with each other and it is back up and running smoothly).

Overall, I was pretty happy with these pics.  I would have liked to have a few more shots with everyone, but that’s maybe a lesson for me in managing a dynamic group!  Zac’s family is so gorgeous… here are some of my favourite shots.

  • http://z1.co.nz Zac

    Thanks Pamela – Thanks Ivan … it was a wonderful half day … you made it so easy to capture a day in the life of our family. Everyone I’ve shared the photos with have gone “oooooooh ahhhhhhh – lovely” and they’re right! All together lovely.

    Our family will treasure these photos forever – *Thankyou*

  • Jonathan

    Amazing photos Pamela. Love the browny old school tones. I am very inspired!!!

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