Mar 20

6 days overdue

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Beautiful Tess arrived on Tuesday and she has decided that our baby will call her ‘Fairy Godmother Tess’ because it gives her an excuse to dress up in fairy dresses and grow rotund in her old age.  Inevitably our child will love her almost as much as we do.

I’m now officially overdue by 6 days and even though emails and phones and text messages arrive daily with ‘has baby arrived yet?’, I am feeling surprisingly calm and relaxed about the whole thing.  My midwife is currently out of town (at a music festival) and will be gone until Monday afternoon.  Thankfully she left me in good hands with a backup midwife called ‘Moon’ (“don’t worry, her parents were hippies“) and if baby arrives today it will be born on a full moon, with a name meaning ‘moon’ (if it’s a girl) and delivered by a woman called Moon.  So cool.

So hopefully our little baby enters the world today.

Since Tess arrived we have:

Tess also surprised us with a beautiful baby blanket (that she crocheted) and the most adorable finger puppets (that she made herself).  I’ll take pictures soon.

Here are our sweet cupcakes that filled the fridge:

And here are some snaps from a fun evening at the beach

And we’re still just chilling… waiting… finishing our best seller and constructing our world map.

  • Red

    Aw that’s *almost* a really cute photo of me and Henry! Pity about the left hand, lol

  • Court

    No way!! Totally have this map on my to-do list and even found some great cork sheets to use – let me know how it goes then maybe I’ll attempt it…

    Thinking of you, yet have resisted the urge to text you “that” question haha.


  • Guinness

    Oh wow, that fridge shot is AMAZING!!!

  • Rach

    Have recently found your blog… love it – its like an art house movie. Best of luck with impending arrival!