Oct 15


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yah, ok so my boobs have grown.  i still cant get over how gigantic they have become.  Sometimes i find myself just staring at them in the mirror and wondering WHO they belong to and sometimes i don’t believe they’ve actually grown at all until i put on an old bra and realise that it barely even covers half a boob now.

i have no idea what’s going to happen to them post-baby… will they shrink? or sag? probably both.  but that’s not to worry about just yet… at the moment i actually LOVE having bigger boobs.  Last night ivan and i we were at the YMCA sitting in the hot tub and i told him matter-of-factly that having bigger boobs makes me feel more motherly AND more feminine AND more sexual.  Very strange how i can feel all of those things at once, BUT i immediately thought of christina hendricks (joan from mad men) and the way that she manages to be this amazonian, dominating mother-like figure at the office who is also extremely sexual – and i think it has something to do with her breasts (and hips).  Am i comparing my self to the outrageously beautiful christina hendricks?  yes, i am.

anyway – ivan was quick to point out that he loved my breasts before they grew AND he loves them now (safe answer if you ask me…) but to be honest, i dont really mind what he thinks of them anyway because i find them awesome.

so probably much to ivan’s delight, i have scoured the internet to find inspirational breasts that can help me feel pleased that my little B/C cup breasts are now a proud DD.  Here are my top 6 that I could find.

christina hendricks. by far my favourite

scarlett johansson... acting so-so, but beautiful nonetheless

diora baird.. she's from the new texas chainsaw massacre. and she has wonderful boobs

jennifer love hewitt.. i remember being amazed when i heard she had DD sized breasts when i was only 14!

jennifer connolley got a breast reduction recently. silly girl. this is a pre-reduction shot.

salma hayek - ok, maybe they are fake? i have no idea. but regardless, they are great looking boobs

  • Red

    Um, hi Pam. Just thought I’d weigh in on this. You left two pictures off this list:

    1) Helen
    2) You!

  • Natasha

    Ahem…when did you EVER have B/C cup boobs?!