exercise & weight gain

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one of my best friends is currently avoiding sugar for health reasons and in trying to help me understand how hard it is for her to avoid sugar she said ‘it’s like you not being allowed to exercise’.

it’s true, ever since i was 14, i’ve used exercise as a means to stay sane.  when i would get home from school and mum would ask the same boring (but clearly nice-cause-she-cares in hindsight) question ‘how was school’, i would mutter ‘fine’ and then proceed to get changed into different clothes.  i would then walk/jog up our street which happened to consist of a mighty big hill.  at the top of the hill, i could see for miles and miles and it was a glorious feeling – both the feeling of making it to the top of a big hill and the feeling of freedom as the wind rushed over my hot face and i felt on top of the world.  arriving home, i would always be in better spirits.  from here, i’m sure of it, my addiction to exercise (and climbing hills) was born.

so being pregnant has definitely slowed me down and it’s quite a mentally hard change to make.  the first month of my pregnancy i hardly knew i was pregnant, so I continued to exercise as normal.  into the 2nd month, i got hit with this awful morning/all day sickness which left me bed-ridden for at least 4 weeks.  i lost weight, couldn’t keep food down, and pretty much did nothing for  4 weeks.

in my 3rd month i started walking a bit more.  typically into town and back (about 6kms a day) and started feeling a bit better.

i’m now half-way through my 4th month and i’m starting to get the exercise bug again.  thanks to a heavy dosage of morning sickness pills (i’m still feeling it pretty bad), I am able to eat again and am growing increasingly aware of my increasingly growing body.  I have only gained 1 pound so far (half a kilo) but I suspect that is about to change.

so what IS it that pregnant women can do to stay fit and healthy?

any website will tell you that swimming, walking and yoga are ideal for pregnant women.  i tried prenatal yoga a while back and it was hard.  all the intense breathing made my nausea kick in quite badly and it wasn’t overly enjoyable.

the local swimming pool has become my haven.  sometimes, i get the urge to be in water so badly, i imagine that my whole body has become liquid and that i have ice water behind my eyes and i can taste the pool water in my mouth.  weird i know.

but quite seriously, swimming is heavenly.

so i try to do something every day at the moment.  even if it’s a 20/30 minute walk.  they say not to ‘overdo it’ when you’re pregnant and that’s probably a hard thing to manage.  i’m used to listening to my mind rather than my body (so even if my body hurts i usually tell myself to just keep going) and so i haven’t become very good at understanding when my body has had enough.  It’s something that i’m going to have to quickly learn I think…

So far, my routine looks something like this: (the days might be different, but it’s about what i’m doing)

  • Monday: 20 minute jog + Gym workout (arms)
  • Tuesday: 30 minute swim
  • Wednesday: 20-30 minute walk
  • Thursday: 30 minute swim
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 20 minute jog + Gym workout (arms)
  • Sunday: 60 minute walk

It’s no doubt going to change as my body continues to change.  Running will probably become harder and I’ll probably try to incorporate yoga as my nausea dies down.

so yeah.  that’s the plan. none of my friends are pregnant at the moment, so i’m sure none of this interests them in the slightest BUT when they get pregnant i bet they’ll wanna talk about it.  so that is why i wrote this post.