Oct 05


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Last night i was lying in bed with my laptop, looking at photos of friend’s babies with Ivan when i suddenly felt movements in my belly that weren’t gas or constipation pains… i actually felt our baby move for the first time!

My prenatal appointment today confirmed that things are still coming along well.. we heard the baby’s heartbeat and the doctor said that the other strange muffled sounds that we could hear were the strong little kicks from the baby.

She also mentioned that i’m not that big.  Usually, having someone tell me that i’m ‘little’ isn’t such a bad thing, but in this case, I feel like I’m huge and I’ve been so proud of what I thought was my growing belly.  However,  I haven’t managed to gain a single pound yet… but i’m supposed to grow 1cm around my belly each week from now.. so here’s to some quick weight gain!

Here’s a quick update of my seemingly growing baby belly :) (and yes, I have a bad habit of taking my belly photos in public washrooms)

16 weeks, 3 days.

16 weeks, 6 days

17 weeks, 3 days.

  • Kylie

    Hello little bump…

    Miss you need to come back to NZ stat so I can feed you up on pies!!

    KICKS YAY! Aww I knew they would come any day. Now you have a little friend to keep you awake with kicks at night.

    Hi Ivan :)