Sep 27

After hours…

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Sometimes you have lots of time, a big budget and a whole team to create a beautiful project.  Other times, you need to create a beautiful project in a short period of time, with little-to-no budget and with a very ‘understaffed’ team.  This, was one of those times.

My girlfriend and I had one night to write, illustrate and animate an infographic to explain how “Raspberry Express” works. If you’re not familiar with Raspberry Express; it’s a carpooling project that is starting in Auckland mid to late October.

The process of working on such a demanding deadline and with such creative freedom,reminded me of my days at Media Design school, where late nights, unhealthy food and laughter and the (?) were the usual suspects for two years of my life.

The project itself went incredibly well.  She drew a few panels in advance, then as I started animating she continued drawing the rest.   As I was organizing assets she recorded the voice over and organized the background music.  By the end of the day we had a project both of us and our client were really happy with.

Last but not least, here’s the video, enjoy!