Apr 06

mika’s world

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I spent the last week before Mika arrived hanging out with one of my best friends Tess who flew up to Auckland from Wellington.  We had a big list of things to do together before baby’s arrival – one of which included making this big world map out of cork that I had been inspired to do after reading a post on Ohdeedoh.

The project didn’t get off to a good start when we came home from Spotlight empty handed after attempting to pick up supplies.  We couldn’t find the adhesive cork that we needed and the next best thing (cork tiles) cost $20 a square (and we’d need at least 10!)  We were a little disheartened until Tess had a rough night getting to sleep which led to late night Trade Me searching which led to us placing a ‘buy now’ on a roll of adhesive cork for $9!

A quick trip south to an anonymous building where a man opened the door a crack, we said ‘we’re here for the cork?’, he nodded and the door closed.   Moments later he returned to the door, we made the exchange and that was that.  Strange.  Why did he have the cork?  Wasn’t he curious as to why we wanted it?  Such interesting stories, never to be told.

And so the next trip was to 3 Brothers in Panmure.  We managed to pick up two giant scraps of wood/board for $6, much to the curiosity of the teenage sales guy.  Why a heavily pregnant girl and her questionable friend picking up scrap wood?  Another story never to be told.

The project was fun.  Our craft knife was awful and we ended up using scissors and there was a lot of swearing and ‘breaks’ and frustration.  I don’t think we ever glued Baja back on.  But from afar it looks magnificent.  We didn’t use the white paper to cover the board (it was VERY expensive) but one of our scraps of board happened to be the perfect shade of brown which we agreed looked more sophisticated than the white anyhow.

It’s probably too heavy to take with us when we travel, but we love the idea of having lots of maps and atlases and globes in our home.  Mika was born in New Zealand to a Canadian mum and a Mexican Dad and she has family in the UK, Canada, NZ and Mexico.  Wherever she grows up, I want her to feel like she has the world at her fingertips and that there are people all around the world who love and care for her. Visually seeing the world in the form of globes and maps on a regular basis has a delightful effect on the way I feel and I hope it does for her too.

Here are some pics.  And check out this link if you feel inclined to make one for yourself.

  • http://www.tresordejour.com Courtney

    :O I LOVE IT!!!!

    I suppose it’s not as easy as it looks then huh… I think this may be a long weekend job for me.

    Good job you two!

    DIY FTW.

  • http://www.raspberryexpress.co.nz Mika’s Grandpa

    I think it is important to have a global perspective, so this appeals to me. Also how dedicated Pam and Tess were to the project. Well done. A great result!

  • Tess

    It looks just as awesome as i remember.
    You and mika make a great team in terms of world domination, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, Botswana, England, jeese, if only Ivan was part chinese and part brazillian you’d have every continent covered. her name is Japanese though right, so thats gotta count for something. 😀

  • Tess

    PS. Who likes baja and indonesia anyway?

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