Sep 19

69 Days

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Mika and her Oma on a rainy afternoon.

We have 69 days left in New Zealand.

People keep asking me how I feel about it. Excited? Nervous? Yep and yep.

Do you ever feel as though you are waiting for life to start? Sometimes I catch myself anticipating future adventures so much that I forget that this is it. Sure, in a few months we’ll be in Mexico. And in a few months after that we’ll be in Argentina. And probably in a few years we’ll be in Canada again. But it’s hard not to get so caught up in the planning that I forget that this is it. This is the life that we will be telling Mika about in 15 years when she asks where she was born. Duh, I know, but seriously I need reminding sometimes. It’s so easy to live in future-mode when so many exciting things are happening!

So what’s happening in my life right now?

This is cooking in the oven (yeah I’m eating some cheese tonight!), Ivan is at the video shop picking up this movie, Mika is sleeping unswaddled in her little bassinet (still!), I’ve started updating my tumblr again, I’m inspired by this website, I’m currently re-reading this book, I’m really enjoying this song and I’m so excited by my two month rugby fanaticism – I love the pride, the excitement, the festivities and even watching the games. It’s great.

Oh I also love my friends Red & Helen who just moved into their new Ponsonby home. It’s very exciting.

Life is good.

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  • Natasha Walton

    You just wanted to write a post about ’69’ really, didn’t you Pammy? (Hehe note contrast between maturity levels of a Mama [you] and someone who last night decided to spend her last £4 on a beer rather than washing powder [me]!) :) Love you! x