Mar 20

An Open Invitation

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So Mika’s birthday is in 4 days. What? Yeah. 4 days. And I’ve been feeling all strange about throwing her a big party and having nightmares where I’m stuck on a Pinterest board and there’s all these mason jars and coloured straws and cupcakes laughing at me and I’ve decided to just chill out about it. Decorations are a waste of environment, presents will weigh us down and we’re still not keen to feed Mika refined sugar. Woah, party nazis much? Yeah.

So instead, on Friday we’ll be making these pancakes into a cake like this, we’ll be drizzling it with this icing and Mika will be able to swim in her paddling pool and climb the stairs as many times as her little heart desires. I’ve begged Ivan to go in search of some pretty flowers for the house and on the weekend, depending on where we’re living (yeah, that’s undecided at the moment!), we’ll hopefully gather with a few family and friends for some lunch and handcrafted yummy treats.

I don’t want anyone to miss out. There is a very good reason to celebrate this week and so here is your party invitation. Make sure you dress the part!

  • Em

    Love it! Can’t believe she is going to be one already. Love the photo updates : )

  • Brooke

    We’ll be doing it all.  I’ll even take on our scary stair well with Vinny.  Hope you guys have a beautiful day and that there is some time in it for a skype date with us.  X

    • Pamela

      YES! Hopefully we can see your faces! Mika would love to see you both. xx

  • Red Nicholson

    Bathing is, well, awkward, but WE WILL DO EVERYTHING ELSE <3

  • Tilly

    “change your outfit more than three times.” this is genius! What a lovely idea.