Jun 25

Family Dinner

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Yesterday I mentioned in passing to Ivan something about ‘my seat at the table’ from when I was growing up. He stopped me to clarify what I meant: You mean you had your own seat? And I said, well, yeah – we each had our own place. My Mum and Dad faced each other from two ends and my brother and I faced each other from the other two. You didn’t have this? Nope.

We always sat in the same spots. It had never occurred to me before that maybe other people didn’t do this. I am always wary of sitting in ‘someone’s seat’ at the dinner table when I’m dining at someone else’s house, so I usually wait for everyone to sit or I take instructions on where I should go.

Is this weird? Did your family have their own places at the table when you were growing up? I’m very curious. Please elaborate in the comments if you like!

  • Paloma_q

    Well i think that those are really important Family Values. It’s interesting that you mentioned ’cause like you i always thought that everyone i know used to do that too. So i never asked Dario about it, i just waited for him to choose his favorite seat and then i just sit by his side, since we got our home almost 7 years ago. And i did the same for the Bed!!!!, have you done that?? It’s weird but it what my parents taught me.

  • http://foxglovephoto.wordpress.com/ Natalia

    Haha, I never thought that other people might NOT have *their* seat! We always have.. I don’t remember being taught that that is what we do… it’s just been like that since forever! And ditto on going to other people’s houses and waiting.. I’d hate to “steal” someone’s seat 😛