Nov 29

just do it

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oh nike, you have a pretty cool slogan.

yesterday i was walking to meet some friends for a coffee and i started thinking about how i was developing a fat persons waddle.  sure, i’m pregnant, but still, when one finds oneself doing the fat persons waddle (waddling to accommodate a growing belly), one can’t help but be a little sad.

this got me thinking about post-baby and whether it would take me very long to get into shape and develop a beautiful lean body again (tehehe).  and a little slogan popped into my head and i thought to myself, ‘just do it pamela.’  and i reflected for a moment at my genius thought and i agreed with myself.  ‘yeah, it’s as simple as that, just do it.  don’t think, just do.’

and i then started thinking about how many things this applies to.  i really dislike it when my friends talk and talk about what they are ‘going’ to do: ‘i’m going to start a business, i’m going to quit my job, i’m going to go to the gym, i’m going to ____’ etc.  and at the back of my mind i’m always thinking, ‘geeeez, just do it already.’

so i arrived at coffee and my friend informed me that he has had an epiphany.

he went on to tell me that he had a good think about where he was heading in life and his reasons for heading that way.  deciding that his reasons weren’t adequate, he has now quit his current profession/career path and enrolled in teachers college to do a one year diploma and become a high school teacher.  talk about just doing it!  it was a very satisfying conversation for me.

the only way to really move forward in life is to just do it.   you can think about something forever, but until you take the plunge and DO it, nothing is going to change for you.  you can change your entire life course by just doing it.

Yaaaaaahhh how cool is that?

  • Red

    YEOW! Just DID IT!

  • Aurelie

    Fuckin cool, that’s what it is.