Apr 23

Ready to go

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We have been in Mexico for waaaay too long now. As much as I love spending time with Ivan’s family, I am so excited to have more human interaction on a daily basis that isn’t through Skype. As much as I love that avocados and limes are so cheap, I can’t wait to have a full variety of vegetables to choose from. I can’t wait to buy vegetables that aren’t wilted or already dead.

The temperature has increased to a casual 35 degrees+ during the day and so all we can do is just sit around inside waiting for the sun to go down. There are no swimming pools. There are no exciting indoor places. There are no huge shady parks with lush grass. There is no beach or lake for swimming.  I HATE how much I have started to dislike this place.

For four months I made daily affirmations about what I was grateful for. Being here, spending endless time with Ivan and Mika together, seeing Ivan’s brothers and his mum. But now it’s been a little bit too long. I’m so ready to leave.

(This little girl on the other hand, doesn’t care about vegetables or excessive heat or lack of things to do. Ivan found an old toy car in the back of ‘the room dangerously filled with so much stuff that you really shouldn’t try to go inside’ that must have belonged to one of his brother’s kids. Mika’s current favourite thing to do is to have early morning or late afternoon walks in this thing. It is her FAVOURITE thing in the world. Like she just sits there, holding the little steering wheel and watching the world go past. She turns around every once in a while and blows us a kiss and grins so big that everything feels wonderful again. She smiles and waves at passersby and she can stay so still in it for such long walks.)

  • Anonymous

    She’s so big! I can’t wait to SEE her. And sooo happy for you guys – counting down along with you :) xx

  • http://foxglovephoto.wordpress.com/ Natalia

    Oh my gosh, but she is just too adorable.