Mar 21

right now I am

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Playing :: Backgammon, Cribbage and Scrabble.

Listening to :: Miss Li, RabbitJeremy Larsen and the new Iron & Wine album (which is just OK so far)

Enjoying :: Facebook’s new message thing where you can read your entire message history with anyone.  It’s awesome.

Eating :: The best and easiest chickpea and broccoli salad ever.

Laughing at :: This insanely funny video.  Probably old news, I dunno… but it is so.freaking.funny:

Hoping :: That baby will arrive before Tess leaves (tomorrow at 6pm).  She has been here for a whole 7 days!

Thankful for :: A beautiful boyfriend who has a rough sleep because of his allergies but then wakes up at 7am to make us all pancakes for breakfast.  Just because.  <3

  • Brice FERRE

    OMG, that kid doesn’t blink, OMFG !!!!!

    Hang in there Pam…..

  • Jadyn

    Pam, this is awesome, I’m so happy you posted about it, I wanted to see her pics soo badly!
    Congratulations, she’s ADORABLE! I’m happy you are all healthy and enjoying each other. We send our love to all 3 of you. <3