Nov 26

what i would rather be doing

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for the past 3 days i have been lying in bed with my eyes closed.

the doctor said that i have a throat infection and so i have been taking antibiotics.  it’s not a fun feeling, taking antibiotics, when you have a child growing inside you.  but anyway.

today i am feeling a bit better and so i am back at work and i am thinking about the things i want to do this weekend.   so far, this is my list:

  • finish the website i am working on
  • take some beautiful photos of some beautiful people
  • clean the inside of our car
  • clean our bathroom (!)
  • buy some new tights because the only ones that i have, just got another hole (!)
  • make our christmas cards and get them ready to send

if i can complete those things then i will be happy and there can be plenty of room for other things once those are done.  the picture at the top of this post is what i’d really like to be doing this weekend – i’d like to take our little boat and row to a secret island with ivan and kiss him all weekend.

  • Helen

    Love xx Shoo shoo throat infection shoo!