Jun 29

This is your time

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Now this is your time. Relax.

I’m so hot. My face is on fire.

Let your palms lie open and your feet fall out. Breathe in, breathe out, relax your body.

I wonder what Mika is doing right now. I hope she’s ok. What if she needs me?! My phone is in the changing room, maybe I should rush out and check if everything is OK.

Calm your mind.

Shit, focus. Calm my mind. Dinner, what’s for dinner? We’re going out. Must make the babysitter something though. Maybe I should pick up a few things on the way home.

Let your thoughts pass through, focus on your breathing.

Damn I’m so tired. I should relax, soon I’ll be outta here and I’ll wish I had more time to lie still and think of nothing. Maybe I should write about this. Hang on, am I really planning a blog post while I’m supposed to be meditating? It appears so.

Thank yourself for coming to class today.

Good job Pamela. The end of your 10 day pass. You almost didn’t come today remember? You thought about perusing some shops and spending some money that you don’t have, but you talked yourself out of it. You thought about celebrating that birthday you had the other day that sort of slipped by completely unnoticed – maybe a manicure or a massage or a hair-do – but no, probably the best gift you could give yourself right now is some stretching and meditation. Good job. Even if you get nothing out of it other than a few moments alone with your thoughts, it’s totally worth it.

Time. Alone. With my thoughts.


  • rachelwilliams1

    Planning blog posts when i should be meditating. Yep. Guilty of that!