May 26

Thursday is fun

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Today’s a bit all over the show. Thursday is fun like that.


Yesterday Mika got weighed at her 9 week check up and she has gained 200grams a week since her last weigh in! Miss piggy. She is officially 4.85 kilos. (Not looking too happy about it here)

She’s so cute when she cries eh. Oh and last night she slept for 8 hours. It would have been wonderful if my silly boobs didn’t wake me up at 5am, aching and full with milk. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up and hovered over Mika’s cot begging for her to wake up. Can’t win!


I’m curious as to what kind of people read our blog. I can tell a lot about a person by what they chose to eat for breakfast… so please do me a favour and tell me what you usually have for breakfast…


Do you love New York? Or do you feel relatively neutral about New York? This hilarious book explains why New York is cool, but not so cool that we should heart it as much as we do.

From the book (cause it’s so funny I just had to share it with you)

Have you ever stood atop the Empire State Building—the absolute highest point on Earth—gazing across all of Manhattan in the fading sunlight, pondering what brought you here and where you’re going, realizing that this is probably the closest you’ll ever be to heaven? Have you ever done that? Neither have we.

But we do have to admit that it’s really neat that this is the tallest building in the world. Really. The tallest in the world? That’s a big deal. You put your mind on something and you  nailed it, New York. Absolutely nailed it. And ain’t nobody taking that away from you. Congratulations on this. So let’s just move on to the next . . .

What’s that?

It’s not the what? Not the tallest anything? So, wait . . . when was it beaten . . . in 1954? By the Griffin Television Tower, in Oklahoma? So, you’re saying that New York has had a relatively tall building for the last fifty years? Huh.

This. Is. Awkward.

Okay. Tell you what: The Empire State Building definitely seems to be taller than everything in its general vicinity. So as long as nobody’s putting up any supertall Starbucks or giant Walgreens on 5th Avenue anytime soon, your secret’s safe with us, E. S. Building.

PROS: Very tall. Crazy tall. Almost too tall.
CONS: Not tall enough.
CONCLUSION: (Uncomfortable smile)


This is hot. Men should carry their babies, always. I found it on Carrie’s Pinterest.


If you love simple but beautiful weddings (and bicycles!) then you must check this out.


Also, I love the idea of living on a houseboat one day.


Tomorrow I’m gonna share what I’ve been cooking all week since my Dad (our usual chef) is in Canada (with my Mum) visiting family. It’s been kinda cool having to think of what to cook each night like we used to before we moved back home. I love planning the week’s meals, doing the grocery shop, cooking each night… it’s so therapeutic and makes me feel good about our money and our health!

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday :)

(and a couple more cause she’s extra cute this week)

  • Anthea

    Oh she’s getting big! I need to see her again soon!
    And my oh my she looks so much like Ivan

  • Kylie

    I think that bottom pic is my favourite yet!

  • Court

    My goodness she is ADORABLE!!!
    I especially love the one where shes crying…oh who am I kidding – they’re all so dam cute.

  • Kayleigh

    Nawww the Last pic of Mika with the bow is just delish! :p

  • Ali

    Oh *gush* Mika is looking so terribly beautiful, i never thought i would EVER be clucky but your gorgous little girl made me miss those tiny new first moments. Yes hot guys should carry their babies, every girl would turn their heads 😀

  • kathryn

    you found the headband!! shes just beautiful!! have to arrange another catch up! xxxxx

  • Cousin Rachel

    I really enjoy your blog… Pretty handy this internet thing… Keep it up, you are doing well.

  • Olivia

    Awwww shes so cute! I love that last one!
    I added you as my facebook friend,hope you dont mind!