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I’m doing it. I bought the wool, I bought new needles, I printed the pattern, I’m glued to How-To videos, I’m knitting my baby a cardigan. I can’t believe I just made it public because to be honest I probably won’t finish it. No! That’s the old me talking. I will finish it. And I’ll show you the end result, no matter how embarrassing it turns out to be. This is what it’s meant to look like. We’ll see.


Check out this video about language development in babies (below). Mum showed it to me on the weekend. We’re pretty good with speaking to Mika: Ivan only speaks Spanish to her (he finds this hard when there’s company though) and I only speak to her in English. After watching this video, I want to find some Japanese & French nannies for her too!


I’ve been feeling so blah this week. However today the sun is pretty extreme and the air is pretty crisp so I can’t wait to take Mika for a big walk and perhaps a picnic on the grass.

Mika’s new favourite song (cause I said so) is ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’, played on the Ukulele. She sits in her chair and I dance around her singing and playing and she just loves it. It’s so easy, if you have a Ukulele try it out. So much fun.


My brother introduced us to Settlers of Catan (the board game) last week and we’ve been playing it most evenings now (he left the game at our place until tomorrow!). Have you played it? It’s like Age of Empires crossed with Risk and Monopoly. It’s addictive and wonderful.


Bring on my new lens! I’m actually just counting down the days and nothing else really matters too much right now.

I can’t WAIT.

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  • Ingrid

    Can’t wait to see the finished cardigan! Hope Mika will like it:)