Jul 20

Tiny Knitting

Thought you might like this, I found this lady who knitted tiny things every day for a month and then one every week for the rest for two years! Crazy beautiful too.

Apparently it all started when she made that little brain from the first image.

Mar 08

Real life floating house

I remember growing up watching National Geographic & Discovery Channel religiously every day, their programming was both surprising and interesting.

Well National Geographic surprised me again with their latest venture. Remember Pixar’s movie “UP”? You know the one with the big floating house… Well they’ve made it happen..

Using a total of 300 8′ colored weather balloons it floated for just over an hour to a maximum altitude of 3,050m (10,000ft) – Too bad it didn’t make it to the top of Paradise Falls..

Jan 24

daily cool.

This is so cute.

Jan 18

list of awesome.

(This is a very adorable 3-legged dog that I photographed in Sydney about 3-4 years ago.  I love how he’s smiling)

Inspired by the video in my last post, I have decided to start recording the awesome things that happen in my life that make me gloriously happy.  If anything – it helps me look for the awesome things that happen and so there is inevitably less time to be spent dwelling on the not-so-awesome things.

  • On Saturday evening we had just parked our car in a pay-and-display car park and a man came over to our window with a valid ticket paid until the next morning!  This was so awesome – but not nearly as awesome as it felt passing it forward when we left the car park an hour later.
  • I got home on from yoga on Monday night to find Ivan putting the finishing touches on the most delicious dinner.   And last night I came home from yoga and my Dad placed a piece of (gluten free!) brushetta in my hands, straight from the oven.  I can’t think of anything more enjoyable than coming home to food that’s ready for me!
  • Yesterday I spent an hour and a half having my body massaged while the rain poured down outside.  No, it wasn’t from Ivan (but he does massage me too!) – it was from Bella Mama in Takapuna.  A much needed indulgence after our summer camping trip!

Jan 17


Isn’t this cute?  I snapped this almost 4 years ago I think at a friend’s wedding.  I just love wondering what was going through this kid’s mind before and whilst lifting up Kayleigh’s dress. And I love how this curiosity is totally cute and acceptable up to a certain age.