Adriana & her home

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Remember when we first arrived in Mexico?  It seems like forever ago. We arrived to Ivan’s mum’s home which was overflowing with Ivan’s mum, his brother, his brother’s wife, their 4 year old daughter,  few week old son and all their belongings (these guys have a lot of stuff!). The place was a crazy house. For two nights, Ivan’s mum lent …

Anna, Matt & Isaac

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Julia did Anna’s hair and makeup. Anna fed Isaac and Matt started the car. Then we raced against a setting sun to get to the beach. Here are the last 15 minutes of sunlight on a Sunday with a beautiful new family. (Yeah and I took some inspiration from my favourite Max Wanger for the style of the first picture…)

baby Kaelyn

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I’m quite excited to share these pictures of beautiful Kaelyn with you today. Prior to Mika coming into my life, I had never ever taken a photo of a baby under 6 months. Newborns kinda scared (terrified) me. But since I now have a coffee group full of 10 other newborn babies, I figured it would be a good time …