Adriana & her home

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Remember when we first arrived in Mexico?  It seems like forever ago. We arrived to Ivan’s mum’s home which was overflowing with Ivan’s mum, his brother, his brother’s wife, their 4 year old daughter,  few week old son and all their belongings (these guys have a lot of stuff!). The place was a crazy house. For two nights, Ivan’s mum lent us her tiny double bed and after we finally put Mika to sleep we would lie awake to the sounds of a tiny colicky newborn screaming his little lungs out. After 24 hours of being in transit, this was less than ideal.

So you can imagine how relieved and grateful we were when we were told that we could stay (rent-free!) in an empty 2-story 3 bedroom home with a courtyard in a pretty nice neighbourhood. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the kindness of these people who lent us their home (and Ivan’s brother sorting it all out for us), we probably would have left Mexico a lot earlier at a time when we probably wouldn’t have been so ready to leave. But they did lend us their home and we did stick around for longer and we have some glorious memories of that home. Lazy days in the hot sun, reading my Spanish books, paddling in our tiny pool, days of family naps, scrabble and card games, evening walks to the lagoon, cooking meals in our kitchen, climbing the stairs with baby, hanging up laundry in the courtyard…It’s amazing how many memories can be created from only 4 months!

This is the family who lent us their home. The husband wasn’t around for the shoot, but this is Adriana and her two beautiful little boys. We’re so grateful for their kindness! (Oh and it worked out perfectly – we’re moving to Seattle at the end of the month!!)

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Anna, Matt & Isaac

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Julia did Anna’s hair and makeup. Anna fed Isaac and Matt started the car. Then we raced against a setting sun to get to the beach.

Here are the last 15 minutes of sunlight on a Sunday with a beautiful new family.

(Yeah and I took some inspiration from my favourite Max Wanger for the style of the first picture…)

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Another beautiful baby.  Meet Finn!

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A few days before Mika was born, I was grabbing a drink with one of my best friends Pablo and he asked me if I missed doing anything yet. You know, going out till 4AM, being so drunk that you wake up with a broken foot, going out for breakfast, even just waking up late.

My answer then was “No, not yet.” And if he was to ask me that now one month after my baby was born I would say “No, period.”

Thing is, there are some good and bad memories that I ponder on sometimes. I loved living in Vancouver with Pablo, going for coffee in the morning to Elysian and taking the last bus to Pam’s house in Kitsilano. But even if we were all to move back to Vancouver and spend a year there, (without a baby) it would never be exactly how we remember it.

Things change, people change and when you are expecting or have a child, things change faster. Your body and mind adapt, it’s hard work, it’s stressful once in a while, but it beats any experience I’ve ever lived. Coming home to my family is my treat for working hard during the day. It’s never a duty and never a chore. And I look forward to all the memories that will be created with Mika in our lives.

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baby Kaelyn

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I’m quite excited to share these pictures of beautiful Kaelyn with you today. Prior to Mika coming into my life, I had never ever taken a photo of a baby under 6 months. Newborns kinda scared (terrified) me. But since I now have a coffee group full of 10 other newborn babies, I figured it would be a good time to experiment with some  ‘newborn’ photography.

It’s kinda hard to stick to ‘real life-esque’ photography and keep it interesting with a newborn cause they don’t reeeeally do that much except wriggle and make cute faces. We didn’t try out anything too advanced for the shoot, there were no pots or baskets or awkward positions. It was pretty tame and relaxed really – we just had a warm room, natural light from a big window, white walls and some white textured blankets. It set the standard high for my future baby shoots though… everything that could have gone wrong – didn’t. Mika slept through the whole thing and baby Kaelyn cooed and gurgled and smiled on cue.

I’d love to try shooting a very very newborn (under 10 days) so we could try some of those curled up positions that 1 month old babies are kinda sick of. But for a start I’m pretty happy with these :) Thanks Rachel and Kaelyn for being so amazing!

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