Apr 12

we have a poop!

“We have a poop” – Pamela’s first words of the day after Mika’s frenzy of eating all day/night without a single poo. This combined with trapped wind makes her so uncomfortable and it’s hard to watch her squirm and moan without being able to do much. So far we’ve tried to release her wind by burping her, holding her upwards and I massage her belly which helps her release wind from down below.

A quick google search will show that the internet is a frenzy of ‘how do I burp my baby?’ advice.  So I’m just gonna add to it with some good old speaking-from-experience advice.  Besides the methods mentioned above, here’s a few other things we’ve been trying to help Mika release trapped wind.

  • Holding her upright seems to work amazing. specially right after feeding, the more time she gets with her head up the more likely she will be to release some trapped wind.
  • If that doesn’t work, moving her legs inwards and outwards in a bicycle-like motion which applies pressure onto her belly usually works quite well.
  • We’ve also just started using Infacol to help her a bit more. I’ll let you know how well it worked for us in a few days. Along the same lines Gripe Water is quite popular out there. It didn’t really work that well for her. I found that the effects wore off in seconds leaving her back to unsettlement in no time.
  • To finish off, I think the most important advice of all is be calm. Babies are really receptive and if you’re anxious whilst trying to calm your baby.. Well, they kinda pick up on it…

Apr 11

how it really feels

Our darling little Mika is 3 weeks old this week. And 3 weeks marks the ‘half-way’ point to my ‘full recovery’. I can honestly say that I didn’t expect to feel so exhausted and sore after just 4 hours of labour. But holy moly.

Everyone is asking how I’ve been feeling physically. So here is a brief summary of the recovery-from-labour-and-pregnancy-journey so far:

The first 3 days I could barely stand without intense pain. The next 2 weeks were ‘pretty bad’. This last week has been the best I’ve felt and have included 1. walking around the supermarket and feeling good enough to stand in line at the checkout with Ivan (rather than waiting in the car) 2. going for a 20 minute walk with Mika in her sling this morning and not feeling like I needed to stop 3. being able to bound up our staircase again.

A lot of people have asked me what exactly has been hurting. The first few days it was everything. As though I’d actually run a marathon and failed to stretch afterwards and then suffered the consequences. At the same time my tailbone hurt like crazy as though I’d been learning to rollerblade and fallen a million times. It also burned when I went pee from ‘grazes’ around my pee-hole. (Sorry, this is entering too-much-information territory…but people ask!). Standing hurt because of the tailbone and also because it felt like someone had taken a baseball bat to my vagina. Apparently this is an expected sort of pain given the whole head-coming-through-small-hole scenario, but it still surprised me that it would hurt THAT much afterwards.  People talk about the elation, the rush of hormones, the ecstasy they feel right after birth but no-one talks about the lingering pain that’s still there once those elated feelings have calmed down.

So now at 3 weeks, pretty much every pain has gone and besides insane sleep deprivation I’m almost feeling normal again.

By 6 weeks I’m allowed to swim again and do yoga. By 6 weeks I also need to be able to walk for about an hour 3 times a week. My training for this starts now! And both Ivan and I have plans to run a half-marathon this year… so training for that starts in a couple months too.

I don’t know why I’m awake right now – Mika is sleeping which means I SHOULD BE SLEEPING TOO.

Here is our darling girl at very almost 3 weeks old:

Mar 13

Tohru and Naira

I met these gorgeous two at a friend’s brunch on Sunday. Meet Tohru and Naira…

Jan 21

beautiful children.

My friends Kylie and Jordan manage to produce the most incredibly beautiful children. Whenever I’m around them I can’t help but want to photograph their every movement. Jack is now at an age where he doesn’t want to be photographed by me all the time which is…understandable.  Henry on the other hand, is the perfect little model.  He has the most gorgeous smile and entertaining expressions… here are some of my favourites from today’s outing.

Dec 13

little tahi.

I took these a while ago at Tahi’s first birthday.

I remember hearing that Nick and Sheridan were having a baby and I remember seeing Sheridan one day at Chow after she had been to a prenatal yoga class and thinking she looked amazing, then I remember chatting to Nick online a day or two before he was born.  And then I remember hearing news he was born!  And I remember thinking how small he was in the photos.  And then I visited NZ and saw him at about 7 months.  And here he is, 1 year old, so chubby, so cute, with such amazing parents and so fascinated by Red’s iPhone (who wouldn’t be?)