4 years

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Dear Mika, It feels like there are so many less big milestones and more just like a fine-tuning of your understanding of the world. And it is so delightful to witness and such a pleasure to be your mama. Pink is your favorite color, but closely followed by all the rest. You can count to about 30 and somehow totally …

a birthday party

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This weekend we relied heavily on our friends to help us get ready to move house. Definitely the best part of the weekend was not sitting in traffic in the pouring rain trying to rush around to furniture stores, but rather the 2 hours spent watching these kiddos play and eat cake and celebrate the end of charlie’s third year.

An Open Invitation

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So Mika’s birthday is in 4 days. What? Yeah. 4 days. And I’ve been feeling all strange about throwing her a big party and having nightmares where I’m stuck on a Pinterest board and there’s all these mason jars and coloured straws and cupcakes laughing at me and I’ve decided to just chill out about it. Decorations are a waste …

Happy Birthday Ivan

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Horribly fuzzy and bright iphone photo from Saturday night after a bit too much sake and wine. Apologies. Ivan is holding the greenstone necklace we all pitched in to buy him. I was going to write a poem about how amazing Ivan is, but I stopped half-way through coz it was a bit lame. I’m sure he doesn’t want the …