Dec 08

Friday Five

1. Mika has her first tooth! This isn’t really something we can prove to you yet as it’s still teeny tiny – but it’s sharp! Woooooo for teeth on nipples!

2. This sweet video:

3. The most powerful photos of 2011. Definitely worth a look. Most are of disasters, but check out number 25 and 45. They’re pretty sweet.

4. My new favourite breakfast officially makes me a ‘Mexican’ according to Ivan. I could eat this for every meal: 2 eggs, warmed beans, half an avocado, green salsa & sour cream. And I can’t help but feel like gloating about the fact that we have a house FULL of avocados and beans. Hehe. And I’ve never been a sour cream fan until now. Their sour cream is less sour and more… creamy. Like yoghurt crossed with cream and oh baby it’s good. I wish I could send you some.

5. Some pictures from the last couple days.

This is our new home! Gloriously orange eh.

Eating tacos!

Enjoying sunshine.

Playing indoors.

The streets of Obregon.

Jul 01

hello friday, hello July

I bought Mika this swimsuit. She’s actually too small to fit her swim-diapers, so we have a few weeks to wait still before we can take her to the local pool. But she loves her bath! She’s completely outgrown her little tub and so now we put her in the big bath with one of us every night.


We try not to eat sugar. Sugar is actually awful. It’s like crack. It shouldn’t even be seen as ‘a treat’ because it’s seriously quite awful on your body. Instead we have been eating foods that aren’t so sweet and when we do need to sweeten something, we use mashed bananas or dates. It works very well. If you need more convincing on why sugar is horrible and how you can cut it out then read this.

I made some little carrot muffins last night and they have no sugar, only 4tbsp of oil and wholewheat flour instead of white flour. And they are packed with delicious things like walnuts, bananas, dates, carrot, coconut, raisins. Muffins like these don’t need sugar. I actually just made this recipe and put it into muffin trays instead of a cake tin. I reduced the oil a bit, only put in 10 dates and obviously didn’t make the icing (dairy-free at the moment). You gotta try em. I tried taking a photo of them but they have pretty much disappeared already. But trust me, they are good. I could sell them and people would be like ‘woah’.


If you live in Auckland, you have no excuses not to try Bikram Yoga. There’s $50 five class passes for sale on today. I’ve bought mine already. Go go, don’t think twice!


In preparation for leaving the country, I’ve been doing a lot of serious thinking about my wardrobe. It’s not very much like me to be concerned about this kinda thing, but hear me out. I left Vancouver when I was pregnant. We gave away 3 gigantic sacks of my clothes to the salvation army – all I wanted to wear was stretchy singlets and short shorts. Now I’m no longer pregnant. I have a ton of clothes still from pre-pregnancy – but not too many that I feel super wonderful in. BUT I don’t want to buy more clothes without some kind of plan. When I venture out without a plan, I end up with 10 more pairs of jeans and nothing new or exciting or that I actually need.

So firstly I toyed with the idea of doing this 100 item type thing. Minimalistic living whereby I only own 100 items of personal stuff. Underwear and socks can be grouped as one, as can ‘wallet’ and ‘books’. Sounds almost doable, but I haven’t actually had a day where I’ve been able to sort through all my crap and decide what I need/don’t need yet.

A while back I found this sweet little checklist for ‘wardrobe essentials’ via Matchbook Magazine and I think it’s a great starting point for my 100 things list. 100 things might even be too many for travelling, I actually have no idea. But when I finally get around to cleansing my wardrobe (and other possessions) then I’ll share my experiences.

What’s the state of your wardrobe?


If you’re into geeky awesome things, check this out: This dude made a 3D printer that turns SAND into GLASS. Yep, that’s right. What am I doing with my life??


Mika and I have moved onto bigger and better things with our Ukulele songs. We’re no longer singing ‘She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain’ – now we’re singing grownup cool songs. (Ok, we still play She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain.)


Have a wonderful wonderful sunshine filled weekend! We have no plans and that’s just how I like it sometimes :)

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May 27

Friday food.

My Mum & Dad left for Canada last Saturday and even though I’ve been living out (and in) of home since I was 17, I know that my mum thinks the world falls apart when she’s not in my presence.

So right now I’m pretty sure she pictures a home with dirty diapers piled high to the ceiling, clothes covering the floor, dirty dishes stacked in the sink, grubby toilets and filthy floors, an overflowing rubbish bin, pizza boxes and other take-away containers left under couches, mail accumulating in the mailbox and probably me, sobbing uncontrollably in the corner, hair filled with lice, no make-up, crying out ‘where’s my MUM?’ through tears and snot. Ivan undoubtedly unable to deal with it all probably left on a boat back to Mexico.

My Mum is reading this right now and nodding with a bit of disappointment, ‘I knew it’ she is thinking, ‘they need me!

Well, whilst most of the above could be true – I know at least 2 things that aren’t. 1) Ivan is still here and 2) there are no pizza boxes or take away containers on the floor because I’ve cooked every night this week!

S: Low-fat Chicken Satay Stir-fry (+ homemade apple crisp for dessert)

S: Gourmet Vegetable Lasagne

M: Chunky homemade chicken soup + garlic bread (Ivan was sick so I went all out)

T: Omelettes + salad

W: Red lentil & carrot Dhal

T: Homemade beef hamburgers + homemade oven fries

F: Butter chicken (from a jar) + Naan bread

I love having those easy ‘go-to’ recipes that just never fail to please and I love finding new ones. If you have an awesome dinner recipe on hand that you love to make a lot, then please email it to me! pamela.minett {at} gmail {dot} com.

I promise I’ll try it if you send it to me! :)

Have a wonderful weekend. I wanted desperately to head out tonight to a friend’s leaving party, but it’s been such a hard week with Ivan being sick and our little girl ‘trying’ to get into a good sleep routine, all I wanna do is curl up on the couch and watch the final of american idol (yeah, i said it. what? you’re not watching it?)