Nov 04

Friday Five

1. Coco’s Cantina. I took Ivan here for his birthday last week and woah they cook a mean feed. Artichoke tempura with mint and yoghurt and bruschetta with broad beans and fresh mozzarella to begin. Followed by some seriously good pork belly for Ivan and fish of the day for me. The only weird thing is that they state on their menu ‘service not included’ which I took to mean we actually had to tip our waiter. As expected then, the service is delightful. Friendly but not too friendly, talkative but not too awkward, helpful in all the right places. And I secretly kinda enjoyed taking out the iphone to work out the Canadian’s notoriously accurate 15% tip. Also, didn’t we look cute?

2. This website. OK, surely I have more important things to be thinking about, but this site is so much fun. If you’ve ever wondered how to apply eye make up effectively or braid your hair in crazy ways (things I somehow missed the memo on??) then this website may delight you as much as it did me. Some people say time waster, I say personal development.

3. Do you ever feel as though you just want to shout from your rooftop about how freaking awesome your life is? How often do we hear people talking about all the shit things that happen to them? How often do you get phone calls from people who are upset or sad or need cheering up? And then how often do you get phone calls from people who just want to share how freaking happy they are with life? Not often I’d imagine. The other day my friend called me just to say how awesome life is. And it was glorious. We rejoiced in how lucky we are, how beautiful people are, how lovely the days are, how youthful and exciting we are. We talked about ways to celebrate our glorious lives. Perhaps this is how Thanksgiving feels to people who celebrate it.

It is much more lovely to talk about how great things are than to talk about how gloomy things are. And sometimes, when things might seem gloomy but you’re around people who are talking about great things, then you start to see how glorious your life is also.

Be on the look out for things that make you laugh. If you see nothing worth laugh laughing at, pretend you see it, then laugh.” – Manny

But in all seriousness, try sharing a good or even great thing about your life with someone. Or let the people who make your life so wonderful, know that they do.

4. The Glow. Stunning images of inspiring and beautiful mums. There should be a NZ version of this!

5. Sad but hilarious.

And that’s it…today was Ivan’s LAST day of work and so we are off to the sand and sun for three days. Woooooooo!

Oct 26

Hump Day Links

It’s official! This little girl can fly! And she’s actually the only one of us that has a NZ passport, how cool is that?

Happy hump day – here’s some cool stuff to see you through the rest of the week.

Some excellent advice and ideas on what to feed your baby and your toddler.

Freelancer? Win a one year subscription to Solo.

Natural lighting photography tips.

My friend Stacey’s new blog.

My latest inspirations on Tumblr and Pinterest.

I wonder if these guys would come paint Mika’s wall for us 😛

Check out my latest family shoot.

We need a new diaper bag for our travels. I’m looking at this onethis one and this one. Any other ideas?

You need to see this movie. Ivan and I went to the premiere last week courtesy of The Department Store. It’s probably my new favourite movie (not to talk it up or anything…)

I made this for dinner last week. Leeks aren’t in season, but I had a craving for something light and delicious and this totally hit the spot. I made it for Ivan and my Dad and they both loved it. I think that makes it a repeat dish! We didn’t serve it with anything, but if you have a bunch of hearty eaters it could be a good side salad to fish or chicken. Or add more chickpeas if you’re vegetarian!?

I’m right in the middle of this book. If you haven’t read it – start reading it. If you’ve read it, isn’t it the best?!

I also read this article courtesy of Cup Of Jo. It begs a juicy discussion after reading it…

Jul 20

around the interweb

My life has been taken over by Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. When I am not feeding or playing with Mika, I am a slave to this book. I cannot put it down. I must.keep.reading. And I am more than 3/4 of the way through it.

I like how this is such an achievement for me. At the end of the day, when I have achieved nothing except a few chapters of this book, I still feel a sense of accomplishment. It’s a day well spent. However, had this been a day spent perusing the internet and reading multiple blogs, articles and websites I would not feel the same sense of accomplishment. I’d feel queasy and nauseas and desperate for some fresh air. How interesting.

Well despite my new reading obsession I somehow still have some cool stuff from online to share. How does that work? Hmmm.

You might have seen this awesome wee hair tutorial floating around the internet lately for ‘no-heat’ curls. Anyway, I decided to give it a go and it turned out pretty cool. My headband was a wee bit tight so my head just sorta hurt all night which is less than ideal. Note to self: buy a looser headband. Check out the original tutorial here. The girl is super cute! Here’s my before and after shots. Apologies for the lame photobooth quality.

Very Bad Poetry is possibly the most hilarious thing I’ve seen all week. I found it from one of my favourite blogs (Black Hockey Jesus) and this is his character’s poem.

I’ve been lurking around Pinterest lately and here’s a few favourite things I’ve found:

Recipe here. I’m making these today!

This website is called ‘Know What’s Fucking Crazy?‘ and he’s right. Most of those things are fucking crazy.

Plum – Like Netflix for baby clothes. Check it out. Boutique baby clothes in the size you need them, when you need them. It’s a cool concept.

That’s all. Tomorrow it’s one of my bestest friend’s birthdays. So today I am preparing. (Even though she lives in London… I totally need to celebrate!)

Jul 01

hello friday, hello July

I bought Mika this swimsuit. She’s actually too small to fit her swim-diapers, so we have a few weeks to wait still before we can take her to the local pool. But she loves her bath! She’s completely outgrown her little tub and so now we put her in the big bath with one of us every night.


We try not to eat sugar. Sugar is actually awful. It’s like crack. It shouldn’t even be seen as ‘a treat’ because it’s seriously quite awful on your body. Instead we have been eating foods that aren’t so sweet and when we do need to sweeten something, we use mashed bananas or dates. It works very well. If you need more convincing on why sugar is horrible and how you can cut it out then read this.

I made some little carrot muffins last night and they have no sugar, only 4tbsp of oil and wholewheat flour instead of white flour. And they are packed with delicious things like walnuts, bananas, dates, carrot, coconut, raisins. Muffins like these don’t need sugar. I actually just made this recipe and put it into muffin trays instead of a cake tin. I reduced the oil a bit, only put in 10 dates and obviously didn’t make the icing (dairy-free at the moment). You gotta try em. I tried taking a photo of them but they have pretty much disappeared already. But trust me, they are good. I could sell them and people would be like ‘woah’.


If you live in Auckland, you have no excuses not to try Bikram Yoga. There’s $50 five class passes for sale on today. I’ve bought mine already. Go go, don’t think twice!


In preparation for leaving the country, I’ve been doing a lot of serious thinking about my wardrobe. It’s not very much like me to be concerned about this kinda thing, but hear me out. I left Vancouver when I was pregnant. We gave away 3 gigantic sacks of my clothes to the salvation army – all I wanted to wear was stretchy singlets and short shorts. Now I’m no longer pregnant. I have a ton of clothes still from pre-pregnancy – but not too many that I feel super wonderful in. BUT I don’t want to buy more clothes without some kind of plan. When I venture out without a plan, I end up with 10 more pairs of jeans and nothing new or exciting or that I actually need.

So firstly I toyed with the idea of doing this 100 item type thing. Minimalistic living whereby I only own 100 items of personal stuff. Underwear and socks can be grouped as one, as can ‘wallet’ and ‘books’. Sounds almost doable, but I haven’t actually had a day where I’ve been able to sort through all my crap and decide what I need/don’t need yet.

A while back I found this sweet little checklist for ‘wardrobe essentials’ via Matchbook Magazine and I think it’s a great starting point for my 100 things list. 100 things might even be too many for travelling, I actually have no idea. But when I finally get around to cleansing my wardrobe (and other possessions) then I’ll share my experiences.

What’s the state of your wardrobe?


If you’re into geeky awesome things, check this out: This dude made a 3D printer that turns SAND into GLASS. Yep, that’s right. What am I doing with my life??


Mika and I have moved onto bigger and better things with our Ukulele songs. We’re no longer singing ‘She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain’ – now we’re singing grownup cool songs. (Ok, we still play She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain.)


Have a wonderful wonderful sunshine filled weekend! We have no plans and that’s just how I like it sometimes :)

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Jun 29

Waiting for lens

I’m doing it. I bought the wool, I bought new needles, I printed the pattern, I’m glued to How-To videos, I’m knitting my baby a cardigan. I can’t believe I just made it public because to be honest I probably won’t finish it. No! That’s the old me talking. I will finish it. And I’ll show you the end result, no matter how embarrassing it turns out to be. This is what it’s meant to look like. We’ll see.


Check out this video about language development in babies (below). Mum showed it to me on the weekend. We’re pretty good with speaking to Mika: Ivan only speaks Spanish to her (he finds this hard when there’s company though) and I only speak to her in English. After watching this video, I want to find some Japanese & French nannies for her too!


I’ve been feeling so blah this week. However today the sun is pretty extreme and the air is pretty crisp so I can’t wait to take Mika for a big walk and perhaps a picnic on the grass.

Mika’s new favourite song (cause I said so) is ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’, played on the Ukulele. She sits in her chair and I dance around her singing and playing and she just loves it. It’s so easy, if you have a Ukulele try it out. So much fun.


My brother introduced us to Settlers of Catan (the board game) last week and we’ve been playing it most evenings now (he left the game at our place until tomorrow!). Have you played it? It’s like Age of Empires crossed with Risk and Monopoly. It’s addictive and wonderful.


Bring on my new lens! I’m actually just counting down the days and nothing else really matters too much right now.

I can’t WAIT.

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