4 things.

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– I’m training for a half marathon and I’ve caught the bug. Running is so much harder if you haven’t got the bug and it definitely takes a while to catch it. But now I’m up to 11 miles and have managed to stick to my training schedule for the past 7 weeks and most of all i am loving …

our 5 month rhythm

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All things considered, our days are very easy. We put baby to sleep around 730pm in our bed and he wakes up at 11pm then 3am then 630am, more or less. Mika creeps into our bed between 1am and 3am and I never notice her until I’m sort of awake and feeding baby at 3. At 630 Ivan gets up …

Teo: One Month

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Today you are 31 days old. I can’t believe we’ve been staring at your beautiful face for an entire month. (Read: I can’t believe I haven’t had more than 3 hours sleep in a row for an entire month.) Ha, but no – also I can’t believe how much bigger you feel in my arms already, and how tiny you …

a birthday party

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This weekend we relied heavily on our friends to help us get ready to move house. Definitely the best part of the weekend was not sitting in traffic in the pouring rain trying to rush around to furniture stores, but rather the 2 hours spent watching these kiddos play and eat cake and celebrate the end of charlie’s third year.

Diggin and climbing

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When you are stuck in a hole, stop digging. It’s been a tough week. One of those weeks where I haven’t felt ‘on the right path’. Avoiding difficult conversations, reaching for a handful of chocolate chips before lunch (?!), avoiding my vegetables, comparing myself to others, critisizing myself harshly, etc etc. On top of this (or because of this?) both …